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Online Security Threat, Offering Downloads

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Online Security Could Be Threatened By Downloads

This online security threat has sprung up in almost every country. The content of the email could be a bit different but, the damage it can cause is severe and consistent. You get an email with a message like ‘the latest mp3 of Maddona’ or ‘download the save energy screen saver’. You could be asked to download the content or accept the content that is attached to the email.

The download is basically a malware that can compromise your online security. Our network team recently came across an email attachment, it was named QueenMp3.mp3.exe. The message claimed that it was the unreleased music of Queen! While our security team quickly recognized the online threat, a casual computer user might not be so cautious. An average computer user might download the attachment after, checing the file name and finding it to be related to the subject line of the email!.

Beware of this online security threat, the progam that came as an attachment is capable of doing serious damage. If you do financial transactions using credit cards or bank accounts, the damage can be financially harmful. Do share this information with your friends and collegues. Large scale sharing of such important information can help make the internet safer.

Online Threat, This Email Fraud Tries To Get Email Login Details

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Beware Of This Online Threat, Email Fraud.

You would have heard of fraud emails that urge you to click and link on the email. This link would take you to a web page that loaded malware on to your computer. Our network team has recently come across another online threat perpetuated through an email. In this case, the fraudster does not request you to click a link on the email, infact there is no link on the email at all. The email tries to get your email login details the easy way. The email informs you that your web hosting company needs to update some systems related to your email. To enable this process you are requested to reply to the email mentioning your email address, the email login and the email access password! Many innocent online users would not doubt the validity of such an email, the details would then be sent to the fraudster.

Make sure that you do not fall for this online threat. Remember that you should NEVER release your email login information to anyone. Do not write down your email passwords in a place that is accessible to others. It is a good idea to change your email password every few months. If you ever doubt that the security of your email account has been compromised, change the password immediately. Please keep shaing these suggestions and tips with your friends and co-workers, we need to build a safer Internet and do this together.