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Seminar Invitation Email Scam. Beware Of This Online Fraud

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Seminar Invitation Scam

Online Security Dangers. Email Scams, Seminar Invitation

Online Security Dangers. Email Scams, Seminar Invitation

This is another email scam although a bit more convincing and clever than the others. The online security threat seems to come from a legitimate .edu email address (check the image). We are not sure whether this online email scammer has hacked the .edu email address or used some other mapping technic to derive the source of the email. However the contact person that is supposed to arrange ‘free travel’ arrangements for you has a personal email address and is not a .edu email.

You are invited to send in research papers for presentation at a seminar. It is very likely that anyone who falls for this online fraud will have their ‘summary papers’ approved and get an invitiation to the seminar. The email scam claims that travel and visa arrangements will be handled by the institute. It is easy to guess what would happen next. If you do respond to the email, you will get the ‘good news’ that your papers are selected and the ticket arrangements made. You will be asked to contact another person or seminar coordinator for getting the hotel arrangements made. You will ofcourse need to send payment for that expense – wish goodbye to your money.

Please alert your friends, relatives and collegues regarding this email scam. We will refer to this as the seminiar-invitation-scam for further updates or postings.