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Two Latest Frauds, Beware Of These Scams

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Our network team has warned of 2 recent online threats that you should be aware of. These are related to the earlier frauds that, promised sharing millions of dollars just to help move funds out of a country. The earlier frauds promised you a hefty share of a suddenly discovered bounty, all you had to do was to provide certain confidential bank details and part with some hard earned money for ‘processing and legal fees’. Here are the 2 new frauds:

(a) Your money is on the way: The victim receives a fraudulent email from the fraudster. The email states that despite your refusal to help in the earlier transaction (money moving fraud), the fraudster has managed to move the funds. The fraudster however feels it right to give you a small share of the funds he successfully transferred. You are then requested to contact the sender of the email. You will undoubtedly be expected to part with some confidential financial details and a few thousand dollars. You obviously get nothing in return so do not be tempted to take any action if you receive such fraudulent emails.

(b) Your check is at the courier: This is similar to (a) above but is made more tempting. The message in this email fraud says that your draft is already ready to be sent to you. All you need to pay is a few hundred dollars towards courier fees. You are requested to contact the courier who in this case, will ofcourse be a close associate of the fraudster. At times, the email claims to have come from a courier/shipping company informing you that a parcel is waiting for your clearance. Do nothing with such emails, the delete key is your best protection against becoming a victim to such an email fraud.