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Paypal, Keeping Your Credit Card Safe

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

There is one very clear advantage of using Paypal over using a credit card for online payments. When you utilize a credit card to pay for an online transaction, details like the credit card number, holders name and even the billing address needs to be disclosed. These details will be disclosed to every seller from whom you purchase a product of service and use a credit card to settle payment.

Opening a verified account in Paypal does require a credit card validation but, the details of your credit card remain only with Paypal. They will not be disclosed to every seller that you pay through Paypal. There are cases where you will fund a Paypal pay transaction through your credit card, even in these circumstances details of your credit card remain with Paypal.

This is one very important advantage in using Paypal to pay for your online transaction. You should ofcourse stay informed regarding the various security measures that will enable to keep your Paypal account safe.