Undisclosed Income Fraud, Beware Of This Online Threat

You Have Undisclosed Income – Online Fraud.

This is similar to an online fraud that has been happening for the last few years, however this year’s fraud has an interesting twist. In the earlier fraud, you received an email saying that you were due to receive a tax refund. Private and confidential information was collected from you, this information was ofcourse put to several bad uses. In this new fraud, the email says that you have failed to disclose some income in your tax returns!

This does seem like a serious issue and many receivers would just click on the provided link and disclose all related information. This could be very dangerous and the fraudsters have managed to think up a very convincing and dangerous operation. Kaisilver has monitored a few dozen emails of this type and there seems to be a pattern through all of them. It is a wonder why the FBI and other agencies do not go to the bottom of such frauds. Tracking emails is not tough, a little technological help and some good ideas can lead to the brain on the top of all such frauds. In the meantime, spread the word to your friends, collegues and relatives. That is the only way to increase the online safety factor.

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