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Undisclosed Income Fraud, Beware Of This Online Threat

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

You Have Undisclosed Income – Online Fraud.

This is similar to an online fraud that has been happening for the last few years, however this year’s fraud has an interesting twist. In the earlier fraud, you received an email saying that you were due to receive a tax refund. Private and confidential information was collected from you, this information was ofcourse put to several bad uses. In this new fraud, the email says that you have failed to disclose some income in your tax returns!

This does seem like a serious issue and many receivers would just click on the provided link and disclose all related information. This could be very dangerous and the fraudsters have managed to think up a very convincing and dangerous operation. Kaisilver has monitored a few dozen emails of this type and there seems to be a pattern through all of them. It is a wonder why the FBI and other agencies do not go to the bottom of such frauds. Tracking emails is not tough, a little technological help and some good ideas can lead to the brain on the top of all such frauds. In the meantime, spread the word to your friends, collegues and relatives. That is the only way to increase the online safety factor.

Online Fraud, Western Union Daily Receipt Of Thousands Of Dollars

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Western Union Receipt Of Money, Fraud

We would first of all like to mention that this online fraud is NOT committed by Western Union. Online fraudsters use the name of Western Union to defraud innocent online users of their hard earned money. You will receive an email saying that a few million dollars have been released in your name, the reason for this windfall could be many. All such emails are frauds so do not worry about who sent it, how they knew your email address etc.

The email says that a large sum of money has been released in your name. Western Union will now pay you a few thousand dollars a day (could be 10,000 dollars) until the amount is fully received by you. You are asked to contact a person with the details provided. If you follow up on this email fraud, you will be asked to pay a few hundred or thousand dollars as processing fee. You might get a few fake Western Union Money Transfer details, not a single dollar will come your way so do not fall for this fraud.

Western Union as a mode of payment has existed for many decades and has often been a great help to persons doing urgent money transfers. There was a time when many Asian students studying abroad needed urgent funds from their family in Asia. It was also likely that these students wanted to provide financial help to their families in Asia on an urgent basis. This was long before the internet and mouse and keyboard commerce took birth. It was Western Union who helped these people make the transfer almost instantly. Online security threats are being perpetuated to attack almost every online mode of payment, credit cards, paypal, bank accounts and ofcourse Western Union are not being spared.

There is only one way that we can make the internet a safer place to trade, surf and play. This is by generously sharing any online security information that we might have. We have always been at the forefront in the process of educating buyers regarding gemstones and jewelry. The Kaisilver extrajewel security resource aims to carry that policy of educating buyers, to online safety too.

The ATM Card Waiting For You Scandal. Online Security Update.

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

The ATM Card Money Fraud.

It is the time of the year when many innocent online users are looking for bargains and also making online transaction. While this is a good thing for both buyer and seller, you need to stay updated with the online security threats that are currently going around. Kaisilver continues to monitor various online security issues and warns both buyers and sellers through this exclusive security blog.

The ATM card fraud basically perpetuates through emails. You receive an email saying that an ATM card with thousands or even millions of dollars filled in waiting for you. You could be asked to contact the shipping or courier agent, or just send full details of your name, bank account etc. There is a phone number and contact person mentioned in the email. All this is done to increase your confidence in moving ahead with the transaction. Do not fall for this fraud, you will get nothing and only end up losing money. At times, you receive a similar email from a (supposedly) big courier company. This is a cloak email and does not really originate from FEDEX, DHL, UPS or any other courier. The email says that your card is lying with them and you need to pay a small fee like a few hundred dollars to receive it. You might feel that it is a small amount to pay inorder to receive the millions of dollars that are stuffed in the ATM card! But just forget such ideas and delete the email, you will not get a single cent.

Please pass the above information to your friends and relatives. It is only such open sharing of information that can make the online world safer and more useful. We need to harness the benefits of online commerce while remaining alert about online dangers. This is the best way to proceed.