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New Online Fraud, The Job Offer Trap

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Beware Of Emails That Offer You A Job.

A recent online fraud is both disgusting and unfortunate. Unemployment has become rampant in many countries, the situation seems to be getting worse as the global economic situation gets weaker. Online fraudsters have taken advantage of the desperate position in which the unemployed find themselves in. An email is sent randomly and claims to contain information of a suitable job for the receiver. In many cases the source of the email claims to be from some huge multinational firm.

As is common with most email frauds, the receiver is expected to click a link for further details. The link contains malware that can compromise the security of your computer and break through your online privacy. This online fraud seems to be the worse type of online security threat. While previous online threats played on the greed of the receiver, this fraud takes advantage of the desperate and pitiable situation in which most unemployed people today find themselves in.

Please pass on this link to everyone you know. The global economic climate is bad and there seems to be no immediate relief in sight. It will be sad if information regarding this online threat is not made available to as many people as possible. Kaisilver will make every effort to warn online users regarding new threats that come up from time to time.