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Collect Payments For Us, ONLINE SCAM

Monday, September 29th, 2008

This is a huge scam that has been unfolding for a couple of years now. The intensity of this online scam has recently grown for obvious reasons. Innocent people searching for part time employment, the thrill and convenience of working from home promised by the scam and ofcourse the ease with which you can make money. You need to be aware of this scam as the whole project is a fraud in most of the cases.

You get an email from a supposedly huge firm, they sell globally and specially in your part of the globe. They are so busy selling that they need someone to collect money on their behalf. The online scam then details how you can become their agent to collect payments for them. As explained by them, you provide bank details, address etc. The scammers make the sale and direct the innocent buyer (the victim) to make payment to you.  You keep a part of the payment, this is your commission the amount is tempting enough to fool many people into falling for this online scam. The remaining part of the collected funds are transferred by you to the seller (the scammer). All sounds good so far since you actually DID, make some real money in this transaction.

The plot gets worse as you move ahead. The scammer who is supposed to ship a product or offer some service to the buyer, never does his part! The money was however paid by the innocent buyer to you. The scammer already gets paid real cash by you, the amount that you sent the scammer after deducting your commission. The innocent buyer has only one proof in legal terms, the fact that he paid money to you. The legal action starts, your bank or local police gets informed of the online scam, by the innocent buyer. You were innocent to start of with but now, in the eyes of the law and the innocent buyer you are the perpetuator of an online SCAM!.

Be aware of this SCAM, if you are tricked into entering into a deal that is even slightly similar to the one mentioned above, STAY AWAY. It is almost 100% sure that it is a fraud, you will have little recourse to the law as the payment was sent to you. Pass this link to your friends and relatives. As the world economies slip lower into trouble, this online scam is poised to drag more innocent victims into its dragnet.

AntiVirXP08 Or Anti Vir XP 08 Is Not An Anti Virus Program

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

If you get a screen on your computer with AntiVirXP08 as the heading, you should know that you computer is infected with malware. This program is sometimes called Anti Vir XP 08 but has nothing to do with cleaning viruses, it does the opposite. The program flashes a message saying that a number of virues (a numeric value is shown) have been detected on your computer. The AntiVirXP08 infact urges you to use your credit card and pay for a subscritpion of Anti Vir XP 08. You will get no anti virus software in return and will most probably be compromising your confidential credit card information!

The AntiVirXP08 malware affects many areas of your hard disk and also changes the registry of windows. Cleaning it is not an easy task and it is best to take the help of an expert. The program is transferred to your computer by clicking a link on a website, in an email. Some users have reported getting it from popular video, music and photo sharing websites. It is probably easier said than done but, the best thing is not to click on strange or unknown links. If you find that your computer is infected with the AntiVirXP08 malware contact a computer expert and have the problem resolved. This is all the more important if you have necessary information on the infected computer.

It is safe to presume that the AntiVirXP08 program is capable of pilfering confidential information that you enter on the infected computer. Bank logins, credit card details and other financial websites like Paypal etc should not be accessed from infected computers. The dangerous part is that this malware was written by one fraudster but is today being used by many people with bad intentions. As usual, no one has been able to track even a single bad person trying to spread the AntiVirXP08 malware. So we are going to have to learn to live with this and other online threats. Spread the word regarding the AntiVirXP08 to your friends and collegeues, send them the link to this report.