Sapphire Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring With Sapphire And Diamonds

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Blue sapphire has a strong presence in bridal jewelry, the gemstone is rare, gorgeous and significantly expensive. While some of the royals and celebrities in our time, splurge hundreds of thousands of dollars on their sapphire engagement ring, there are options for the rest of us. When  you are keen on wearing a sapphire diamond engagement ring, you would surely expect to have a natural sapphire in the ring. When you talk about a blue sapphire, the gem should have a nice blue color and impressive clarity. These are precisely the qualities that every sapphire lover looks for in the gem.

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One important thing about sapphire pricing is that, larger gems command a premium price per carat. The experts at Kaisilver set some, very challenging parameters when working on the details and configuration for the RG800 sapphire gemstone ring. The idea was to create a fine sapphire diamond ring, the gemstone had to be natural and certified. The ring had to be comfortable to wear and long lasting. The toughest part was to achieve all this and yet, maintain a moderate price tag.

Take one look at the RG800 sapphire ring shown here and you will agree that, it is sensual and extravagant. The idea was to keep focus on the center cushion blue sapphire while ensuring that, the glitter of the diamonds is not obscure. The modest 6mm cushion sapphire helped us strike the perfect balance between, size, price and quality. A seasoned jewelry expert will tell you that, the ring is truly high end. The diamond size of around 2.5 - 3mm gives them a big look, this because they are very close to half the size of the gemstone. Sturdy prongs secure the cushion blue sapphire in the ring.

The sapphire diamond ring is sturdy, the entire ring is cast in solid gold or sterling silver. The thickness of the band has been optimized, no scooping of metal is done inside the band. To put this into perspective, you can be sure that most jewelers would make this ring with just half the metal weight. Jewelry should never be banged around or be allowed to strike hard surfaces. With little care, your sapphire diamond engagement ring will keep its shape and condition for decades. If you are considering an heirloom family jewel that will be passed on to the next generation, invest in this tremendous ring.

The same quality of workmanship, gemstone and diamonds are provided for the gold and silver sapphire rings. The important development is that both, gold and silver are now being given the same status for formal wear jewels. The gold sapphire engagement ring can be ordered in 14k or 18k gold, don't forget that you also have three gold colors to choose from - white, pink and yellow. The choice of metal color for an engagement or wedding ring, would generally be influenced by the dress outfit and other accessories being worn on the special day.


 How To Buy:  Begin by learning more about this sapphire diamond ring, review prices and options from the RG800 Kaisilver Sapphire Diamond Ring Report remember that there is no limitation on gemstones. Since the ring is completely made to order, we can handle requests for all ring sizes and changes in design specifications. You could request for a round or oval gemstone or ask for a price quote for a larger sapphire gemstone. We custom make all types of jewelry, you are welcome to send in your own design images and sketches to be custom made. The support team at will be glad to help you with any information or queries that you might have. 

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