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With diamonds gradually becoming a 'not absolutely essential' part of the bridal jewelry scene, colored gems are increasingly being chosen for engagement rings. And when you talk about special occasion colored gemstone rings, the desire to include rubies, sapphires and emeralds is strong. In reality, ruby engagement rings generally top the list on factors like, beauty, historic significance and rarity - if there is something that can push you away from a fine ruby gemstone ring it would be the relatively steep price range. Fine rubies are rarer than fine sapphires or even fine diamonds, this is what makes them a unique option to celebrate a matrimonial relationship. Besides red (color) being associated with love and true feelings, rubies have historically been credited with the ability to usher in true love, loyalty and sacrifice. And if your relationship includes these three qualities, you are heading for a peaceful, happy and tremendous married life. It is this deeper meaning along with the classic beauty of rubies that have made, ruby engagement rings a hot favorite with young couples.

In this brief report we will touch upon the issue related to the origin of the gem in a gold or 925 silver engagement ruby ring. Origin in terms of gem or jewelry provider is absolutely important, you need to value the jeweler before you can decide the worth of his or her jewelry. However the term 'origin' with reference to the mining location of the ruby is what we are concerned about in this report. In the kingdom of gems and jewelry, a single variety of gemstone could be mined in more than one location, nation or continent. In many cases, it is the specific mining location that can decide the price of the gem. For example, demantoid from Russia, fire opal from Mexico, blue sapphires from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) etc. These locations are renowned for yielding the finest specimens of a particular type of gemstone. In the market economy, you obviously would pay more for a product that has a better quality - that is precisely why most of us cannot afford a Rolls Royce but can comfortably finance two Ford automobiles! But you need to be aware of situations where you are being charged a premium price just because, of the specific place in which a product originated.

When talking about the origin of the gemstone in a ruby engagement ring, most of you might have heard that Burma (Myanmar) delivers the finest ruby gems to the industry. So should you foot a massive bill just to justify a Burmese ruby for your engagement ring. In our humble opinion, you would often end up paying big for a product that has little more than a historic sales hype tagged to it. Decades of hectic mining on ruby mines at Myanmar have ensured that very little top quality rough is found. And yet, a Burmese ruby can cost 3 to 5 times more than a 'similar' gem that originated in Mozambique soil. If you had to take the marketing babble off the scene and compare the gems, it is very likely that the ruby from Mozambique with better clarity and size as compared to the Burmese ruby, wears a price tag that is less than half of what the Burma ruby would cost you. Yes, a Burmese ruby might show hints of black in the red and the Mozambique gem might reveal some hint of pink in the red.

We would therefore say that, you might be comparing the finest Mozambique rubies against the average or even below average Burma mine yield - the best of the Burmese rubies have already been mined out or can cost 10 times more than Mozambique ruby. So before you burn your wallet when buying your ruby engagement ring, give due consideration to other gem features like treatment, color, clarity and size. To give you an idea, a ruby engagement ring with a good 3 carat oval ruby gem from Mozambique might add a gem cost component of around 5,000 U.S$ to 7,000 U.S$. Be prepared to pay at least 70% to 100% more for a medium grade Burmese ruby of the same size and shape. In simple language, your married life is not going to become any more loving and trust worthy, by splurging heavily on your engagement ring. You are more likely to suffer from mental strain with such a heavy expense on your list


Kaisilver Ruby Rings : Our ruby rings are crafted in gold or sterling silver with the design of your choice . You could also pick one of the rings shown below or from our website and request for design modifications. Your ruby engagement ring can be custom made with a ruby from Burma or Mozambique. We pick each gem right from the mines, our expert cutters precisely cut each stone to fit the finely crafted mounting. In general, we will pick a ruby gem that gives you best value for the price paid. But if you have a preference for a ruby gem from a specific location, let us know and we will gladly oblige you. Do ensure that you have read and understood the contents in this report related to the origin of ruby gemstones. Do contact our support experts at for any requirements or queries that you might have. We do not mind if you purchase nothing from us and finally make buy your jewelry from another jeweler, all we want is for you to make a well informed buying decision.


ruby engagement ring yellow or white gold custom ruby engagement rings
The classic engagement ruby ring, an oval ruby gem in the center highlighted by a diamond on either side. The options for the gem size in this ruby gemstone ring can, work to customize the price point   ... more. A ruby engagement ring that has everything but a gigantic price tag, for those of you looking to engrave your special ring, the RG215 is nice and roomy all around the band. The side diamonds in this ring are optional   ... more


kaisilver ruby gemstone engagement ring white gold engagement ring with ruby
A true lesson in how a square ruby gemstone should be set. An active wear ruby ring suitable for an engagement or anniversary. Minimal flash but maximised for style and comfort. Personalize the gem size based on your budget  .... more. Just a hint of filigree to this yellow or white gold ruby engagement ring. The ring makes an impressive presence without getting to be showy and loud. Like always, choose from two grades of rubies and gold or 925 silver ... more.



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