Gifts For Cat Lovers Food, Bells And Jewelry

There are some awesome reasons why women, girls and even men love the graceful feline creature. Cats are quiet, they symbolize cleanliness and really don’t call for much attention and fuss. So what should you gift a cat lover, a mug in the shape of a cat, a book about caring for cats,  some delicious feline cuisine, a bell and not forgetting – cat jewelry.  The cat ring from Kaisilver, was first introduced on the Ebay channel way back in 2001. Sales soared and it soon became clear that, animal and cat lovers could just not have enough of this adorable creature.

We then came off the auction channel and featured the gold and silver cat ring on our websites.  This move gave us more scope to explain and display the ring, buyers felt more comfortable working directly with your team. And the fact that each cat ring is fully custom made means that, you can request for design modifications and choose your favorite gem for the ring.

As an example, if you plan to gift a cat ring crafted in gold or 925 silver to someone who loves cats, you could request for their birthstone to be set in the ring. Gifting a jewel with a special gem like a birthstone to someone means that, you really cared to make that personal and unique. The silver cat ring is just as cute and well crafted as the gold version, so you need not strain your budget to accommodate a gold ring.

And while you are in the process of selecting a cat ring, make sure that you do not end up with a flimsy piece. The ring could bend and go out of shape, the gemstone could drop off – there is no end to the hassles and worry that such a ring can cause. Kaisilver cat rings are made with optimized metal weight, superior workmanship and authentic custom cut gemstones. These rings are not cheap but, offer excellent value for money paid.

We have a regular client from Tokyo, this wonderful lady wears a Kaisilver cat ring on most of her fingers. It is a great idea to build a collection of silver or gold cat rings, with various colored gemstones. We can accommodate requests for all ring sizes, it is also possible to craft the ring with a larger gemstone.

How To Buy: We invite you to review the full Kaisilver Cat Ring Report, discuss your requirements with the support team at We place no restriction on your choice for gemstones, you can pick gold or 925 silver. And if you have any cat ring design in mind, send us a sketch or image and we will gladly custom make it for you. We craft all types of jewelry and maintain, the same superior standards for both gold and 925 silver jewelry pieces.

Thai Silk Demand Revives, The Grand Revival

It was the royal households in ancient Thailand that encouraged the weaving of  Thai silk fabric. As time went by, the material started to become more expensive, finer silks went beyond most budgets. Combine this with the fact that, looking after natural silk can be quote tedious and you will understand why, Thai silk became the reserve of a few. Recent years have noticed an increased demand for superior grade Thai silk, the reason is quite interesting. Upscale families in Thailand have started looking at Thai silk for their wedding dresses. Designers have responded well and you will today find, quality silk fabric being cut into styles that represent contemporary and and traditional designs.

Few professional tailors in Bangkok and Thailand, can really do a perfect job when it comes to handling authentic silk. Prices are therefore significantly high, most brides choose the fabric from well known silk fabric dealers. The interesting thing is that the highest demand for Thai silk wedding dresses is for colored silk fabric. The shimmer of the material as seen in those amazing colors, gives a royal and luxurious appeal to the dress.

Like all colored wedding dresses, it is important to take a look at the entire dress look for the event before, picking the color of the fabric or the style of the dress. Makeup, hairstyle and type of jewelry being worn for the wedding need to combine well. Fortunately we are at a time when wedding rings and other wedding jewelry has embraced the beauty and uniqueness of colored gemstones. You can therefore combine a colored Thai silk wedding dress with a whole range of gems, sapphires with its array of colors, ruby, tanzanite, emerald, the entire color spectrum of tourmaline, aquamarine and any other gem would look awesome.

Kaisilver the leading online custom made jewelry is not in anyway related to the design or making of wedding dresses, the information presented here is for your reading pleasure. The team has put together a more comprehensive report on Thai Wedding Dress Trends, take a look and learn more about what to expect. We can custom make a wedding ring for you with your designs or ours, we craft all jewelry in gold or 925 silver with gemstones of your choice.

Cycling, Should You Wear A Helmet When Riding A Bicycle

There is always a running debate regarding the ‘use’ of wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle. Many riders look at the extreme happening and say that, a helmet on your head cannot help you much if you and your bicycle happen to be hit by a running car or truck. While this might be true the fact is that, you could get fatally injured even by merely falling off your bicycle – if you do not wear a helmet. Cyclists falling of their bicycle and hitting their heads against the road or against the raised sidewalk, are not rare incidents.

At a recent Bicycle Show In Bangkok, it was heartening to see a few well stocked booths selling helmets for cyclists. You might have noticed brightly colored cycle helmets, while those colors might symbolize a fashion or trend, they also ensure that you are easily noticed on the road. Since color is not the only criteria to be used to buy a helmet, make sure that the helmet you buy is sturdy and tough. Wear it all the while when you go cycling, remember that leaving it unattended might result in the helmet getting stolen or lost.

This report is compiled by the team at Kaisilver, we are the leading online custom made jewelry provider. We do not have business interests in trading in bicycles, the information is provided in public interest. Review the Bangkok Bike Festival Report and get to know more about cycling.

Sleeping Buddha Or Reclining Buddha Statue In Thailand.

It is important to understand that, there are many Buddha statues in Thailand that depict Lord Buddha in a reclining posture. The most famous reclining Buddha statue in Thailand and probably in the whole world, is the reclining Buddha at Wat Pho in Bangkok. This statue is a stupendous 46 meters in length and 15 meters in height. Some people refer to this statue as the sleeping Buddha but, the word reclining is really more appropriate. This big Buddha statue is plated in gold and draws thousands of visitors from across the world each day. The feet of the reclining Buddha at Wat Pho are an impressive 5 meters long, their soles hold some interesting depictions. Inlaid in mother of pearl are 108 figures that are relevant to Lord Buddha and Buddhism. While photography is not prohibited, the rather small space into which this big sleeping Buddha statue is placed, makes it difficult to get a whole statue photographed into one frame. Our suggestion would be to walk up to the feet of the statue and take the photograph at a slight angle.

Since Wat Pho that houses the famous reclining Buddha is not very far from the Grand Palace, it is a good idea to combine both into one single trip. Appropriate dress and decent behavior is expected from those that go to see this statue. Do not make loud noises or talk loudly when inside the hall and do not, try to photograph visitors or devotees directly as this could make them feel uneasy. Read the Bangkok Reclining Buddha Report and get to know more about this awesome Buddha statue.

Thai Ceramics And Pottery, Evolving For International Demand

The development of pottery across all civilizations was driven by a utility value but, some Asian pottery was gradually obsessed with tradition and art. Thai pottery is known for it’s spectacular designs and artistic elements, benjarong is a good example. Bencharong is the colorful pottery from Thailand with those luxury look gold tone accents. This form of pottery was initially developed to satisfy the requirements of royal homes. The beauty and grace of this form of Thai pottery has made it popular across the globe and Thai manufacturers can today look to export their produce across the globe. Commercial development of Thai pottery has evolved with one constant, traditional designs and color elements remain intact.

The artistic skills of Thai craftsmen are showcased in numerous products and pottery is just one of them. Bencharong requires fine drawing and painting skills as each piece of pottery needs to be hand painted. The colors and designs have come down from centuries and are generally retained even today. We did see some Thai benjarong pottery with new design concepts but, the tradition style and design always showed up in some portions of the pottery.

With all the importance and limelight been given to bencharong thai pottery, one might feel that there really is no other form of pottery in Thailand that is worth talking about. That is far from the truth, many provinces in Thailand have their own typical forms of pottery – generally made from clay and mud that is locally available. And some of these pottery styles incorporate intricate design elements that are no less gorgeous than what you would find on fine Thai benjarong pottery. We have filed an interesting report that briefly traces the evolution of pottery from Thailand, do read the Thai Traditional Pottery report and gain an insight into this amazing art form Thailand.

Cocoa Brings Health Benefits To Chocolate …. But Wait A Minute

You might have heard that chocolate does bring some health benefits along with it’s tempting taste. But before you start feasting on this sweet temptation, you need to understand a few important facts. Medical research has indeed proved that cocoa, an essential ingredient of chocolate has beneficial properties that can keep a human heart in better shape. Since cocoa on it’s own tastes quite bitter and insipid, chocolate manufacturers add a range of ingredients to cocoa to arrive at the mouth watering flavor and taste of conventional chocolate. Unfortunately, some of these additional ingredients rope in their share of health related concerns, sugar and fat have always worried doctors. An option would be to choose dark chocolate, which is generally made using a lower proportion of sugar and fat as compared to conventional chocolate.

Whether it is conventional or dark chocolate that you choose, keep in mind that they should be consumed in moderation. And if you have a specific medical condition that requires strict controls placed over sugar and cholesterol containing food stuffs, make sure that you discuss your chocolate related adventures with your family doctor. Research into the health benefits of chocolate and more specifically cocoa, continues and we might soon be blessed with a cocoa health pill, one that distills just the goodness of cocoa without packing in the calories or dangers of fats and sugars.

We have compiled a very useful report outlining the health benefits of chocolate, this report will also educate you regarding the difference between conventional chocolate and dark chocolate. Do review the Chocolate, Health Benefits report and pass the link to your friends and acquaintances as good health is important to all of us.

Khanom Chan, Thai Dessert And Snack

Khanom Chan is one of the very popular Thai sweet dishes. While you could call it a sweet Thai dessert, many Thais treat it as a complete snack. This layered Thai sweet is traditionally made with layers that alternate between green and white (or very pale green). While khanom chan does have a long history, not all food vendors completely follow tradition today. For example, khanom chan can often be seen made with layers that are very brightly colored and multi-colored too. When originally made with a green color, it was something that was derived from one of the natural ingredients used to make the dessert – pandan leaf extract. The pandan leaf juice gives not only the color but also a fragrant smell to the green layered sweet. It is not uncommon for chefs today to use artificial food colors to make their khanom chan attractive. The layers have special significance to children as they, normally prefer to peel out each layer and relish it’s taste!

Interestingly, the number of layers that were used to make khanom chan also had special meaning. Since the number ‘9’ is believed to be lucky in many ways, the layered dessert sweet was originally made with 9 layers. If you make your own khanom chan, you can try to maintain the nine layers – this might however require some practice as it would require the right amount of batter (both colors) to be prepared. Commercially sold khanom chan is often made with 5 to 8 layers but, if you do manage to find the green sweet with 9 layers – consider yourself lucky!

Vegetarians can comfortably palate khanom chan as all the ingredients used to make the Thai sweet are vegetarian. We have never come across cooks using non-vegetarian ingredients in their layered sweet recipe so, it is generally safe for vegetarians. The dessert boasts of a nice starchy taste from a combination of rice flour and tapioca flour – the amazing flavor and attractive smell are brought about by the pandan leaf extract and one or two drops of jasmine essence.

If you happen to be interested in making your own Thai layered dessert, follow our lucid and yet simple Khanom Chan Recipe. You are very likely to get hooked on to the entire array of Thai Desserts that provide an enjoyable way to end a hot and spicy meal.

Khanom Khok – Thai Rice Pudding, Delicious And Easy To Make

A favorite breakfast food dish for working Thais, khanom krok is available in almost every province of Thailand. Making this Thai rice pudding is easy and convenient, this allows street vendors to set up compact cooking stalls near office buildings in Bangkok and other provinces. The local Thais treat khanom khok as a complete breakfast meal but, visitors prefer to reserve this delicious pudding as a meal end dessert. The main ingredients of Khanom Krok are rice flour, sugar and coconut cream – a special khanom krok kratha or pan is used for efficient cooking of the pudding.

If you plan to feast on this amazing Thai dessert for the first time, prepare yourself with sufficient space in the tummy – it can be tough to stop eating and it is also quite filling. And making khanom krok requires no complicated or hard to find ingredients, all it takes is some patience, a tiny bit of effort and a spirit of adventure. For those of you who love Thai vegetarian food, it is good to know that this Thai rice pudding is vegetarian too. Our Khanom Krok recipe will guide you through the steps and provide some professional tips and suggestions. And if you are more into the sweet Thai dishes, hop right into the Thai Dessert recipe section – happy cooking and happy feasting.

Brides Choose Color – Beyond The White Bridal Scene

Wedding contractors tell about the changing bridal story. Couples today request for color in everything, table cloths, flowers, window curtains and room decorations – the presence of color is clear and sharp. The choice of cool pastel shades rules the event and this is not limited to the event location. Bridal dresses and accessories have also been smitten by the color bug. Shoes for the formal event are not behind too and many brides pick shoes that are decorated with crystals and stitch work.

Fashion experts point out that this urge for color has kept bridal jewelry providers on their toes. Brides haven’t given up on diamond rings but, are more willing to give a serious look at colored gemstone bridal rings. Pinks, reds and saturated blues are hot and brides today peep beyond the traditional ruby, sapphire, emerald trio. The fast growing demand for bridal rings with gems has worked to push up prices. Tourmalines, aquamarine, tanzanite, spessartite and even exotic glitter like demantoid have benefited from this demand.

With a wide spectrum of gems representing variety, color,  price, size and shape, couples need to devote sufficient time to ensure that the right selection is made. Custom bridal jewelry has taken center stage, the urge to rush and pick a ready made jewel seems to be waning. Teaming up with a reputed custom jewelry provider can keep things calm and reduce stress. Doing the search online might be more efficient as you can skip from one jeweler to the other at a mere stretch of the finger. The Kaisilver Bridal Jewelry Report might be a good spot to begin your search.

Wedding Rings – Evolution Of The Ring Finger

On Which Finger Does The Wedding Ring Go

This is one question that many young couples ask, the answer is simple – wear your wedding ring on your ‘ring finger’!! And so, which exactly is the so called, ring finger. Let’s go back in time and look at the interesting way in which the selection of the ring finger evolved.

The Greeks during the 3rd century, put on their wedding ring on the index finger – this is the finger that stands right next to the thumb. The Greeks influenced much of the ancient thought process in almost every subject, so we can presume that the index finger wearing the wedding ring was quite popular at the time. The Indians boasted of their own version of the ring finger – they wore the wedding ring on the thumb.

Time went by and new ideas got interpreted. Christians chose to wear their wedding ring on the finger next to the pinky (smallest) finger. It is interesting to note how they arrived at that ring finger. During the ceremonies conducted the priest would say (and count), ‘… in the name of the father, and the son and the ghost…’. So begin this with thumb and count 1-2-3 and you arrive at the finger right next to the smallest finger on your palm – so this was the ring finger.

Far away in Egypt, it was also decided that the ring finger would be the finger next to the pinky finger – this was so much like the Christian idea. However the Egyptians were not counting numbers to arrive at that ring finger – they had a much stronger reason for choosing that finger to wear their wedding ring on. They believed that, a vein began in that finger and ran all the way to the heart, they called it the ‘vein of love’. Wearing a wedding ring on that finger, ‘capped’ it and prevented the love and affection between the bride and bridegroom from ‘leaking’ out of the finger.

Skip to today and the most popular selection for the ring finger is the finger next to the pinky finger on the left hand. History has seen the wedding ring being sometimes worn on the left hand at at times on the right hand but, today much of the world prefers the ring finger on the left hand. So that is where most of you would wear your wedding ring too.

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