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Sapphire Ring, Blue Sapphire And It’s Consistent Demand

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Any fashion expert would tell you that you really don’t need to look for an excuse or occasion to wear a sapphire ring. This is one gemstone that has never been allowed to stray away from the limelight. Since ancient times blue sapphire has been patronized by the rich and powerful, and this trend continues until today. The British Royals, saw Kate Middleton enter the family wearing a sapphire and diamond engagement ring. Celebrities who could have easily afforded a big carat diamond ring have often preferred to be seen in blue sapphire.

The RG220-BS sapphire gold ring from Kai Silver is not just about style and trends. This jewel is designed and crafted to be worn for a lifetime, the high quality craftsmanship makes the jewel suitable for even the most formal occasion. There is a slight glitter of diamonds on either side of the square blue sapphires but to be honest, the ring would look just as stunning even without the diamonds! The ring has a slightly tapered band width but, you could request for your sapphire ring to have a uniform band width all around.

The concept of a three stone ring can hold special significance for some of you. Many jewelry enthusiasts believe that the 3 stone ring depicts the past, present and future. In the case of a birthstone ring, you could have each of the gems represent the birthstone of a family member – such a ring would more correctly be referred to as a, family birthstone ring. Kaisilver is well known for it’s fine custom jewelry – and this ring offers great options for customization. You could select a mix of gemstones for your ring, so if you wanted to stay with a sapphire ring – consider combine pink, yellow and blue sapphires in the same ring.

Keep in mind that sapphire is the September birthstone and the trend to wear birthstone rings for engagement and wedding rings is extremely popular now. For all it’s positive features and beauty, this sapphire ring is priced quite moderately. And for those of you who are impressed with the classic appeal of sterling silver, we provide the option for a 925 silver sapphire ring too. The good news is that, you get the same quality of craftsmanship for the gold or silver sapphire ring. Get a closer look and learn more about this awesome three sapphire ring at

Sapphire Rings, Don’t Buy A Sapphire Ring Before Reading This

Friday, April 6th, 2012
Sapphire Rings, Choosing The Right Sapphire Gemstone Rings

Sapphire Rings, Choosing The Right Sapphire Gemstone Rings

Kaisilver Releases The Sapphire Ring Report

A good sapphire ring cannot be cheap, current situations are making the choice of the right sapphire gemstone ring more difficult and confusing. While you must know about fake and natural sapphire gemstones for your gold or 925 silver sapphire ring, there are many issues related to natural sapphire gems that you must be aware of too. Kaisilver the world’s leading online custom jewelry provider has filed a detailed report related to sapphire gemstone rings.

This report does not reveal any secrets, most jewelers are already aware of the issues discussed in this sapphire ring report. However it is important that you as a buyer are educated on these issues too. The sapphire ring report, does not make a sales pitch – it aims to educate and inform. We would strongly suggest that you read the complete report carefully before making a sapphire ring purchase. Kaisilver is not the only source for a gold or silver sapphire ring but, we would surely rank as one of the VERY few jewelers who honestly and frankly discuss various issues critical issues related to gems and jewelry.

The Kaisilver sapphire ring report is for everyone, you might have a 1,000 U.S$ budget and plan to get a good silver sapphire ring. Or you could have kept aside 5,000 U.S$ for that extravagant sapphire diamond ring. No matter what type of sapphire gemstone ring you wish to buy, make sure that you grasp the important details that you need to evaluate. Our support experts at will be glad to provide any specific information or clear any doubts that you might still have. Check out the report at