Tanzanite A Rare And Exotic Gem, Rarer Than Diamonds

Tanzanite is an interesting gemstone, it is considered to be young and a relatively new entrant to the world of style and glamour. At the same time, this African beauty has gained tremendous respect and demand. Here are some interesting facts related to tanzanite gems. Mature jewelry lovers today, attach much importance to the history and origin details of what they wear.

A mineral by the name of zoisite is found in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The entire gem quality zoisite is spread across a small stretch of land. Experts agree that this zoisite formation might have occurred a few million years ago. A tiny amount of zoisite that is mined is of gem quality. When heated these crystals take on a stunning violet-blue color. Gemologists named it tanzanite, a word they thought that better describes its stunning beauty.

Tanzanite would have been formed roughly during the same time that, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds were formed. These gems have been known for centuries and even for thousands of years. Tanzanite on the other hand was first discovered in the year 1967, this made it a late entrant into the gemstone kingdom. The beauty of the gem pushed it up the ladder of fame, this ensured that it consistently enjoyed a significantly high demand and price.

If you consider the fact that diamonds a known rare stone is mined in at least a dozen nations, you will realize just how rare tanzanite is. With supply limited to a small stretch of land, this gorgeous gem is at least 1,000 times rarer than diamonds. So if you wish to get a truly unique and rare gemstone ring for yourself, make sure that you invest your money on tanzanite.

We encourage you to read the Kaisilver Tanzanite Gemstone Report and learn, more about this amazing natural gemstone. Kaisilver can custom make a tanzanite ring for you with your design or ours. We are widely accepted to be the world’s leading online custom jewelry provider.

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Kaisilver Bracelets, Custom Bracelets In Gold And Sterling Silver

custom braceletA custom bracelet is the only way to get a quality bracelet that incorporates all your preferences. Gemstone bracelets are all about color and the possibility of mixing different colored gems in a single bracelet, adds a new dimension to your style. Kaisilver sterling silver and gold bracelets, place no limitation on your choice of design or gemstones. When selecting gems for your made to order bracelet, try choosing gems that have some added significance for you. For example, you could pick your birthstone or include birthstones of all family members when ordering, a custom bracelet. Ancient traditions and folklore related to gems are still, believed and followed by many gem lovers. For example, many people wear a citrine gemstone bracelet with the belief that, the gem attracts wealth and fortune.

Make sure that the made to order gold or 925 silver bracelet that you order, has sufficient metal weight to make it strong and long lasting. Light weight bracelets can break and drop off. Loose gem mountings are often the result of substandard workmanship and  insufficient metal weight.

At Kaisilver we can craft your bracelet in gold or silver with your choice of gems, the design can be yours or ours. Review our Bracelet Collection and you will better understand, how good quality bracelets should be designed and crafted.

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Tourmaline Ring, Available With Pink Or Green Tourmaline From Kai Silver

The RG233GT tourmaline ring is not huge and bulky and yet, this ring makes a clear statement of style and elegance. A jewelry collection should include different styles, designs and gemstones. You might be an ardent fan of big-look jewelry with large chunky gems but, such jewelry can surely not be worn everywhere and to every occasion. Modestly dimensioned jewelry that has good workmanship and gems, will pair well with most dresses in your outfit. It is rightly said that elegant jewels blend well with your outfit and makeup, they can be worn at any time and to any place.

The features incorporated into this green tourmaline gold or 925 silver ring, ensure a gorgeous look, they also provide a sturdy structure to the ring. Many jewelers might tell you that, they can craft this tourmaline gemstone ring with a metal weight that is under 5 grams. The point is that a light weight ring is more likely to bend and twist. Invest in jewelry that you like but also, give importance to durability of the jewel. Go for flimsy jewels and you will be spending frequently on repairs and replacements.

By maintaining an impressive metal weight of 8 to 10 grams for this tourmaline ring, we are sure that you will get a ring that will keep looking great for many years. Rings like these, which can be worn for both formal or informal occasions, will soon become your favorite. The custom cut 6mm square green tourmaline gem in the ring, is bezel set with a metal border all around the gem. Prongs are often used to set gems but they have a tendency to open up when, they get caught in fabrics and pockets. When this happens, the gem could loosen from the ring and drop off.

Kaisilver jewelry is custom made, you choose the design, gemstones and select gold or 925 silver. The concept provided for this tourmaline gemstone ring, can be used along with any other gemstone and not just tourmaline. And if you wish to order this tourmaline ring, you can pick pink or green tourmaline. We can also provide a lab test report to assure you that the gemstone in your ring is natural and not man made. Review the RG233GT Tourmaline Ring Report, to get to know all the features and options of this gorgeous jewel.

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Tanzanite Engagement Rings Have A Symbolic Relation To The Occasion.

An engagement is a very special type of commitment or promise made between two individuals. Each one strongly believes that the other is the best in the world and that, they are made for each other. This promise has a lot of meaning and is very solemn. Marking an engagement with a ring is a very old tradition, tanzanite seems to best symbolize the significance of the important event. Let us briefly explain why this gorgeous Tanzanian gem is perfect for an engagement ring. The great news is that modern brides are looking beyond the conventional diamond engagement ring, color is gaining importance and gems are being selected based on their unique features and traditional attributes.

Tanzanite Is Rare: As compared to rubies, sapphires, emeralds and even diamonds that are found in a number of geographical locations on our planet, the presence of tanzanite is confined to a small stretch of land in Tanzania. Experts agree that tanzanite is 1,000 times (or more) rarer than diamonds. Relate this to the one that you are going to get engaged to, a person who is perfectly suitable for you and someone who truly stands apart from the crowd.

Tanzanite Is Gorgeous: Surely one of the most glamorous violet-purple gems, tanzanite is a tremendous attention puller. No other natural gem comes close to the beauty of this gem, iolite might be an exception but it surely lacks the spectacular sparkle that a well cut tanzanite gem delivers. Love comes from the heart but, external appearance does pull in the initial interest in a person.

Found In Just One Location: Besides being scarce, tanzanite is one of the very few gems that is found in just one physical location. A few kilometers of land at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), is where all the tanzanite is mined, no other source has ever been found. If you happen to be getting engaged, you will obviously believe that there is only one person in the world that you truly love.

Interestingly tanzanite impresses both men and ladies, this makes it a great gem for a pair of engagement rings. If you and your partner plan to wear an engagement ring to symbolize the specialize occasion, consider choosing tanzanite as a common gem for both rings. A different design concept for each of the rings would be fine, just make sure that tanzanite is present in both rings. Our report Significance Of Tanzanite Engagement Rings, will have more information on this topic. You will also experience the sheer beauty and impressive quality of some exclusive Kaisilver tanzanite rings.

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Sapphire Gold Ring, The Exclusive Beauty Of Pink Sapphires

A gorgeous ring, custom made pink sapphire and diamond gold ring. This jewel is designed and crafted by a team that is truly passionate about gems and jewelry. The belief that sapphires are always blue has been around for many centuries, science has now proved the existence of a range of sapphire colors. The flower motif in this ring is beautifully depicted by the pink sapphire alternated by sparkling diamonds. When you wear a sapphire ring like the RG224PS Sapphire Ring you present yourself as a refined and sophisticated lady, someone who is confident and style conscious. If you wish to add a splash of color to your sapphire gemstone ring, consider combining different colors in the ring. At Kaisilver, you can choose from white, pink, blue, green, yellow and orange sapphire gemstones. You can mix and match as many sapphire colors as you fancy for your ring.

Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September. You might hear that it is only blue sapphire that is regarded as the September birthstone but, we have a different opinion. The birthstone tradition can be traced back to the 12 stones in the breastplate of Aaron, the high priest of the Israeli people. Those were the days when it was believed that, sapphires are found in no other color but blue. When science and technology are today available and confirm the existence of many sapphire colors, it is fair to presume that any of these sapphires could be worn to mark a September birthday.

This pink sapphire diamond ring is crafted in gold and sterling silver, the same quality of workmanship and gems are provided for both metal options. With jewelry buyers now laying emphasis on color, it is a good idea to look beyond gem colors. Kaisilver offers white, yellow and pink as gold color options if, you pick a pink sapphire gold ring. While a silver sapphire ring can get a gold appearance by, plating it with gold in any of those three colors, you need to know one fact. A plated silver ring will always show a wear off on the plating after some time. At Kaisilver we recommend that silver rings be left un-plated but, if you still prefer to get your silver sapphire ring plated, you can select white, yellow or rose gold as the plating.

Kaisilver: At Kaisilver, we can craft your sapphire ring in gold or 925 silver with the gemstones of your choice. Since all our jewelry is fully custom made, we can work with your designs or ours. You could also review our Ring Collection, and pick a design that interests you. Any of the jewels that you see on our website can be ordered with a sapphire gemstone, you can also request for design modifications for your ring. Our support at sales@kaisilver.com experts would be glad to advice and provide suggestions, for any queries related to gemstones and jewelry that you might have.

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