Mens Amethyst Gemstone Rings, Impressive Demand

Amethyst Rings For Men

If there is one thing that style conscious ladies and men agree it is that, amethyst are truly awesome gems. While men generally prefer black or blue gems for their jewelry, amethyst is an exception. This gem has been known for many centuries and is stacked with some very interesting folklore. The old belief that drinking wine from an amethyst cup would prevent you (the drinker) from getting intoxicated, gave the gemstone it’s name. The Greek word amethystos means ‘not drunk’, and describes one of the oldest stories related to amethyst.

Amethyst is not expensive and can in fact carry a higher price tag if, the color is a rich deep purple. Having said that, we would say that it is the medium purple amethyst that does complete justice to a fine immaculately cut amethyst gemstone. An amethyst ring with a very dark saturated gem, would not show much gemstone flash. When light travels through a faceted gemstone, it is expected that the facets will reflect and deflect the light before it is pushed back through the top (table) of the gemstone. For this to happen, it is necessary that the stone is ‘open’ enough to let light travel through it and be let out from the top. A very dark purple amethyst gem will absorb most of the light, you might see little or no signs of facets and cuts.

Kaisilver offers a range of amethyst rings for men and you can even, request for a custom ring with your own design idea. Men generally prefer silver for their jewelry, the confident appeal of silver coupled with it’s moderate price makes it an attractive metal option. Our dedicate artisans work tirelessly and give complete concentration for both gold and 925 silver amethyst rings. You can review our mens amethyst ring collection at