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Opal Rings, Looking After An Opal Gemstone Ring

CLICK FOR DETAILS AND PRICING FOR THE RG211 RING You might have heard that some caution is required when wearing or handling an opal gemstone ring. Knowledgeable jewelry lovers do not give much importance to this because, they realize that … Continue reading

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Big Rings, Durability Of Large Rings Is Vital

Gorgeous Big Gem Stone Rings In Gold Or Silver Big rings are favorites among the bold and the beautiful. However, there is something about large rings that need special attention. Big gold or silver rings have large dimensions and this … Continue reading

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Opal Men’s Ring, Custom Opal Ring For Men.

Most readymade mens opal rings would be made giving major consideration to the price point. This would mean that a compromise on metal weight and design features will be necessary to ensure ‘friendly’ price tags. This is not how a … Continue reading

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Silver Opal Ring, What You Should Know

With gold prices making an upward move, silver rings seem to be getting more popular. Buyers are on the lookout for jewelry like opal silver rings that, were previously never thought of. There is nothing wrong in choosing an expensive … Continue reading

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Fire Opal Gemstone, What Is A Fire Opal?

What is a fire opal gemstone? Why is this opal called a fire opal? Can you have an opal with a high degreee of transparency? Most of us expect opals to have an opaque to transluscent nature. The fire opal … Continue reading

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