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Opal Rings, Looking After An Opal Gemstone Ring

CLICK FOR DETAILS AND PRICING FOR THE RG211 RING You might have heard that some caution is required when wearing or handling an opal gemstone ring. Knowledgeable jewelry lovers do not give much importance to this because, they realize that … Continue reading

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Size 15 Ring, Why Is Custom Made Your Best Option

Big ring size requirements are not uncommon among men but, a size 15 ring is not a frequent request. Many buyers are under the impression that, the ring size is just a specification but, reality is a bit different. Men’s … Continue reading

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Amethyst Gemstones, Beauty At An Affordable Price Point

Amethyst is a gorgeous gemstone but, the demand for this beautiful purple gem is driven by much more than beauty and sparkle. Centuries ago there was just one place on earth that delivered high quality amethyst gems, this was the … Continue reading

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Are Pendants Easier To Wear And Maintain

CLICK FOR FULL DETAILS AND PRICING FOR THE PG2000 Most of us think about a ring when we refer to jewelry, however the world of jewelry is wide and extends well beyond rings. Pendants are a great way to add … Continue reading

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Big Men’s Ring With Large Aquamarine Gemstone

Click For Pricing And Options For The MAN06 Ring Men prefer to wear rings with a large format, these big rings can pose a challenge when the requirement is for big gemstones. Most of you would be aware that the … Continue reading

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