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You might have heard that some caution is required when wearing or handling an opal gemstone ring. Knowledgeable jewelry lovers do not give much importance to this because, they realize that every gem and jewel has a set of physically properties that need to be addressed. To take an example, diamond which happens to be the hardest stone to be used in jewelry, will also crack if struck with physical impact. Emeralds which can cost as much as diamonds, should not be soaked in water for more than a minute. Basically you need to realize that, understand the features of a gemstone will allow you to keep your ring in shape for a very long time.

Before we talk about how to care for an opal ring, we need to understand a few simple facts about opals. We will try to keep this information as simple and non-technical as possible. Look at the RG211 ring shown on this web page, you will notice the amazing color seen in the stone. Gemologists refer to this effect as opalescence, it is a unique optical property brought about by the internal construction of an opal. The gemstone is made up of densely packed microscopic spheres. The interesting thing about these spheres is that, they contain a small amount of moisture. Light that strikes the opal enters the stone and gets refracted due to the moisture. This is what creates those colorful patterns, the effect is referred to as ‘color play’. The beauty and value of an opal gem is influenced by the degree of color play seen in the gem. The destruction or evaporation of the moisture inside the opal would severely lower the beauty of the gem. Much of the care that an opalĀ  ring requires is related to the color play effect and the moisture within the gemstone.

To begin with, we would advise that ALL jewelry and gems be kept away from sources of strong heat. Similarly you really should not let any gem or jewel be struck with physical impact. We just explained above that even the hardest natural stone (diamond), will crack if struck with physical force. You will need to be a technical expert to know which gemstone can be affected by strong chemicals, acids or detergents. So the ideal thing to do is to always take off your jewelry if, you happen to be in an environment that brings you close to these type of materials.

If you have understood the above paragraph, you already know how to look after your opal gemstone ring. Heat and chemicals can destroy the moisture within the stone, once this happens the gem would look quite dull as you would end up with little or no color play effect. A good opal ring like the RG211 from Kaisilver, will never be cheap and that is one more reason why you should be a bit kind to your ring.

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