Are Pendants Easier To Wear And Maintain


Most of us think about a ring when we refer to jewelry, however the world of jewelry is wide and extends well beyond rings. Pendants are a great way to add a touch of class to your style statement. A pendant can be worn hugging your neck line or extend lower, the size of the chain would decide where exactly it displays. In this report we discuss whether pendants are easier to maintain and more comfortable to wear as compared to rings and some other jewels.  We take a closer look on this topic, so keep reading.

We wear a pendant around our neck, this is a place where little wear and tear happens. Compare this to a ring, the jewel could bank against a desk or get hit by a hard object.  A ring can be exposed to various chemicals and detergents that come into contact with our hands. Looking after your pendant is undoubtedly easier. The situations when it becomes very necessary to take off your pendant are few. On the other hand, a bracelet or ring might have to be taken off as you work or, as you perform various domestic chores. Each time you take off a jewel, there is a chance of it getting lost or misplaced. With advancing age comes the problem of swollen fingers and even forgetfulness. These are factors that you need to take into consideration when buying a jewel for yourself or as a gift.

So is it safe to wear a gold or 925 silver pendant all through the day and night, never taking it off. This is surely not a simple question to answer but here is some useful advice. It is a good idea to take off your pendant when you go to bed or, go for a wash. Some gems like emeralds and even turquoise, should generally be kept away from being soaked. Wearing a pendant when  you go to bed, might cause some discomfort. Having said that, we are aware that many women have worn their pendant to bed for years! If you plan to go to the gym for a workout, take a moment to consider whether the pendant would be convent to wear. You really do not want to take it off at the gym and misplace it or get it stolen. Pendants that are worn night and day and even might require frequent cleaning. Dust, grime and soap reside tends to collect under the stone, this can cause the stone to have subdued luster and sparkle.

Here is something not related to looks and style but, relevant to pendant wearing. If you happen to have a baby at home and tend to carry the darling around, make sure that your pendant does not scratch or hurt the baby. Another worry is about fine and slim chains, they can slap easily and kids can be quite inquisitive.

As you look around for a pendant, we would suggest that you go for a custom pendant. Few of us shop for jewelry often and so, it is a great feeling to pick a pendant that includes all your preferences. This is something that can be easily managed if you choose a made to order pendant.  The Kaisilver Custom Pendant Report, will tell you more about this option. The information would help you ensure that the custom pendant you get, is what you imagined it to be.

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