Men’s Diamond Wedding Rings, The Challenges

A wedding is an important occasion, it is the result of a solemn promise between two individuals. The promise to stay together through the good times and bad, for their rest of their lives. Both men and women like to mark this occasion with a ring, diamond rings have always been favorites. If you happen to be looking for a men’s diamond wedding ring, expect to face a few unique challenges.

Men prefer large rings, this would generally imply larger diamonds. While there is no doubt that a men’s diamond ring with a high carat stone, would look tremendous the fact is that such a ring would go beyond most budgets. Diamonds are sold per carat (weight unit) like most other gemstones. Diamonds fall in the ‘expensive’ category of gems, interestingly the price of a diamond (per carat) moves up as the stone size increases. This even if you consider the same quality of diamonds.

Fortunately there are ways in which you can moderate the diamond size without, reducing the impressive look of the diamond ring. You could for example, pick a design where a few diamonds are set close to each other. The glitter and brilliance of the diamonds will add to the extravagant look of the jewel. Another interesting fact is that, square (princess cut) diamonds appear larger than round diamonds, this even for the same size.

You can expect a men’s diamond wedding ring to have a fairly large ring size, men generally have larger hands and fingers. This increases the overall dimensions of the ring, additional metal weight will be required to  craft a sturdy and long lasting ring. While you can find a men’s ring with low metal weight, such a ring would not maintain its shape and form for long.

We would say that the minimum metal weight for a wedding diamond ring for men, should be in the 20 to 25 gram range. The exact gold weight would depend on the ring size and dimensions, it could also increase if you request for a men’s ring with no (metal) scooping done inside the band. Diamond wedding rings can be made with a tapered or uniform band width, it is quite obvious that a uniform band width will call for a higher metal weight.

This discussion on configuring an affordable men’s diamond wedding ring, will not be complete without saying a few things about the quality of diamonds. Without getting too technical, let us explain the features that combine to define the diamond grade. The 4C’s as they are commonly known include, Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity.  The important thing is that, the human eye without the aid of a magnification device, cannot differentiate between some diamond grades. However the price per carat between grades can differ quite significantly. Keeping this in mind, go for a diamond grade that looks good to the naked eye. These would be priced more economically, it might also mean that you can choose a larger diamond size at the same price point.

Kaisilver: We can craft a men’s wedding ring based on your design concept or ours. Every jewel is custom made, this means that we can accommodate all your preferences in  the ring. The Men’s Diamond Wedding Report, has some interesting information and useful advice to help you get a modestly priced diamond ring. Get in touch with our team of experts at for any queries or requirements related to gems and jewelry, that you might have. We will be glad to guide and advice you even if, there is no purchase made from us.

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