Diamond Band Pair, Custom Rings Your Best Option

diamond ringYoung couples getting to tie the knot these days, are keen to add meaning and significance to every aspect of the wedding and engagement. Wearing a pair of diamond bands symbolizes a firm and committed relationship. But what exactly do we mean by ‘pair’ in this case. It is important to understand that the two  rings in a pair, can almost never be identical. The guys ring would generally require a larger ring size, men also prefer more sizable jewels.

Kaisilver experts explain that, the term pair of rings, refers to the overall design concept being similar. The metal, metal color and even the gemstones and diamonds in each of the rings can differ. Talking more specifically about a diamond band pair, it is likely that the band width of each ring would also differ.

If you took the Kaisilver RG180 Diamond Band as an example, this is a possible configuration for each of the rings in the ‘pair’. The diamond band for the lady could have diamonds in the 2.5mm to 3mm range, the band width could then be around 7 to 8mm wide. Typically the metal weight for women’s bands would be about 10 to 12 grams. The ring size will of course depend on each individual.

The RG180 ring if configured for men, is likely to have a the following updates. Men will prefer a band width of 8mm to 10mm. This can be achieved by choosing larger gems or diamonds, you could also add one more stone to the ring and increase the width. Men’s bands would have a metal weight of around 20-25 grams.

So as you can see, the dimensions and size of the rings are very likely to differ even  when, the concept is for a pair of rings. Another observation is the meaning of the word ‘band’ in terms of band width. The general trend was to refer only, to rings with uniform band widths (all around) as bands. This has changed now and many jewelry buyers claim that a taper of the band behind the finger, makes the ring more comfortable to wear. This is largely a personal opinion, Kaisilver therefore offers both tapered and uniformed width band rings – we leave the choice to you.

We have filed the complete RG180 Diamond Band Pair Report to give you more information and ideas. You can also send us your own design ideas and concepts, we will work on the details and send you a specific price quote. Keep in touch with the experts at Kaisilver, email them at sales@kaisilver.com they would love to  hear from you and guide you even if, you do not intend to purchase anything from us.

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