Men’s Gemstone Rings, Color Takes A Leap Forward

Men are well into jewelry, the days when they cared little for their bling accessories are officially over. Gemstone rings for men today host a wide range of gemstones, color is the key. Look around for a men’s silver or gold ring and you will see the gorgeous array of white, green, blue, red, purple and even orange gemstones.

As a man develops his jewelry collection, he ends up loving the world of gemstones. A constant attempt is made to add new and unique gemstones to the collection. Spessartite a rare variety of garnet is high on the preferred list for men’s rings. This orange to reddish orange garnet, is exotic and looks awesome in all metal colors. The price tag on spessartite much higher on that for red garnet but, discerning men do not seem to be put off by that. Sourcing directly from the gem miners, Kaisilver is today one of the top sources for this rare garnet. We can procure and custom cut spessartite in sizes that extend up to 40 carats.

Green is another color that is being seen often in men’s rings and not all men, go for emerald. While it is true that emerald remains the most popular green gem, men are taking a different view. Men’s green tourmaline rings and men’s rings with peridot and green jade are also favorites. Green tourmaline is awesome, surely not cheap but still reasonably priced for all its beauty and toughness. Stylists refer to the green color of tourmaline as ‘confident green’, a color that appeals to both men and women.

Men’s blue gemstone rings can go well beyond blue sapphire. Since Kaisilver can custom make your men’s ring with the gem and design preferred by you, the world of blue gems has far more width and depth. Three shades of blue topaz, the light blue color of aquamarine and blue sapphire are some interesting options. We encourage you to review the Kaisilver Men’s Ring Suggestions and get to know what to look for.

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