Gemstone Bracelet, Ruby, Sapphire And Emerald From Kaisilver

The BRC100 Kaisilver bracelet is set with three of the most valuable, sought after, rare and expensive precious gemstones. Referred to as the ‘Big 3’ ruby, sapphire and emerald are rarely seen in the same jewel. This is a fine custom bracelet crafted to look good and serve you well for many years. Wear this gold or silver gemstone bracelet and you will be making one of the most sophisticated style statements.Numerous celebrities have worn these gems to mark an important occasion like a wedding on engagement, the three are seen often on red carpet events. If you learn about the history and tradition of ruby, sapphire and emerald you will agree that,  these precious gems are celebrities in their own right.

The bracelet has a gorgeous flower motif, you could say that  the jewel is more like a bouquet consisting of some of the most expensive gemstone flowers. The bracelet is custom made in gold and 925 silver, quality standards remain the same for both metal options. The gold gemstone bracelet can be ordered in 14k or 18k gold and you can select, yellow, white or pink for the gold color. Plating options are available for the silver bracelet but, you should know that any plating on silver will come off after a while.

Gemstones remain the focus of this gorgeous bracelet and we place no restriction on your choice of gemstones. The image shows the BRC100 with three different gems, you could request for a single gemstone to be set all through the bracelet. You can also choose any gemstone not shown in the image. If your budget permits, you could order the same design concept as a diamond bracelet. It is also possible to alternate the flowers with rubies and diamonds to moderate the price. And if all you desire is a touch of fire and glitter, consider replacing the center gem in each flower with a diamond.

We really need not boast about how beautiful this ruby, sapphire and emerald bracelet it – the consistently high number of orders we receive each month speaks for itself. What we will like to tell you is about how the bracelet was provided with features to enhance durability. Most jewelers would provide no more than 7 to 10 grams of gold or 925 silver for such a bracelet.  At Kaisilver we take durability seriously, your custom bracelet will weigh no less than 15 to 20 grams. This ensures that the piece will not break or snap easily, firm gem mounting is also possible because of the optimized metal weight.

Read the complete BRC100 Bracelet Report and learn more about the piece and the awesome gemstones set in it. You will also get details about pricing and other specifications. The team of experts at is always ready to answer any questions that you might have.

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