Custom Bracelet, The Best Option For A Quality Bracelet

So you want to get yourself a nice bracelet but, before you confirm a purchase it is a good idea to get some basic information right. Ready made bracelets are designed and crafted with an eye on the mass market. When you talk about making many sales for a single product, you know that an attractive price is a must. Unfortunately the urge to control the price point will result in a compromise on a number of quality features.

A custom bracelet will always be a good investment provided that, you select the right jewelry provider. A made to order bracelet will let you pick the design of your choice but, a competent jeweler will give you much more than that. Since the jewel will be made just for you, it is possible to include features that will enhance the beauty and durability of the piece.

Kaisilver custom makes bracelet in  gold or 925 silver, the design can be picked from the website or provided by you. The research team then decides what the optimum gold or 925 silver weight of the piece should be. This is necessary as a light weight bracelet can snap or break easily. Custom made gemstone bracelets should also have enough metal weight to ensure a secure mount for the gems or diamonds. Since Kaisilver gold and silver bracelets maintain uniform quality standards, you are always assured of a high end piece.

Gem selection for a custom made bracelet should be entirely up to you. You can pick a single gem type for the entire bracelets or mix different gems in the same bracelet. If you have an artistic mind and conceptualize a combination of different gem shapes and sizes, let us know your requirements. We can custom cut any gem from anywhere on the globe to the size and shape required for the design.

It might seem that you pay more for a custom bracelet as compared to a ready made piece, but that is really a short term happening. Ready made bracelets are well known for their flimsy construction, low metal weight and substandard gem mountings. You will end up paying a lot for repairs and replacements. On the other hand a custom bracelet will be sturdy, well crafted and long lasting. The choice of 10k, 14k and 18k gold will allow you to work around your budget. Sterling silver bracelets are highly recommended as they can be made with substantial metal weight and yet, be modestly priced.

We invite you to review the Kaisilver Custom Bracelet Collection and learn more about the quality that we offer. Remember that you are not restricted by the design, gemstones or metals shown on the website. We will gladly custom make a unique one-of-a-kind jewel for you based on your own design concept.

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