Why Is A Heart Shaped Emerald Not Easy To Find

Heart shaped emerald gem stone

Look around and you will find that heart shaped emerald gems are not easy to find. Most emeralds are cut in classic rectangular (emerald cut) or oval shape. You might find a round emerald gem stone but, it will most probably be a size that is less than 6mm in diameter.

There is are specific reasons for this scarcity of heart emerald gem stones. Firstly, the emerald is an expensive gem and cutting a fancy shape like a heart results in additional loss of stone weight. The gemstone is sold by weight (carats) and the buyer would obviously be willing to pay only for actual weight of the heart emerald and not, for the weight that was lost during the cutting process. If the gem stone dealer tries to increase the price of the heart shaped emerald for the weight loss, buyers will find the price to be unattractive.

Another reason for the rarity of emerald heart shaped gems is that, it requires an expert cutter to deliver the right cut gem stone with the maximum possible weight intact. It is not uncommon for an inexperienced gem stone cutter to end up with a 6mm heart shape emerald when, the rough stone could have given an 8mm gem stone. Extreme concentration is required when cutting the top notch on the heart emerald.

Many jewelry designs realize how difficult it is to get a heart shaped emerald gem stone and therefore, limit their creative talent to trillion or triangular shaped emeralds. This is still not easy to find but surely easier than finding a heart shaped emerald gemstone.

So, the next time you want to gift someone with a special emerald ring, choose the heart shaped emerald gem stone. You might have to spend more time finding it, but the final ring will be worth the effort and hunt. We would ofcourse recommend the Claddagh heart ring with an emerald gem stone. Ideally, the design would cover the entire border of the heart shaped emerald gemstone with gold. This results in a firm mounting and also protects the edges from side impact. Check more details of heart shaped emeralds and the historic claddagh emerald ring at this link: http://www.kaisilver.com/eml01_h.htm


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