Three Gemstone Rings, Understanding A 3 Stone Ring

Three gemstone rings

The design of a three gemstone ring is meant to provide certain features and options that are specific to the ring. For example,  the three gem stones in the ring can be made to represent the birthstones of family members. It is also possible to mix and match gemstones in a three gemstone ring, the choice of gems can then be based on personal preference.

The RG220 shows an interesting design option for a 3 stone ring. The design concept can be used for a wedding band too since the ring is similar to a wedding band. A variation in the size of the 3 stones can make a ring that is suitable for men and ladies. This does make a good choice for a pair of wedding bands.

You can read more details regarding the RG220 at this link:

If you like the amethyst gemstone but prefer to have another design, check the designs on this link:

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