Horse Pendant, Silver Men’s Pendants

Men's sterling silver pendant, horse pendant for men

You do not need to be a great lover of horses to appreciate the beauty and grace of a men’s horse pendant. Since historical times, the horse has symbolized speed, sharpness and reliability. A horse pendant is therefore an excellent choice for a man pendant. The MPN07 horse pendant shown here has a unique and impressive design.

Rather than depict a complete horse like most horse pendants would, this pendant creates a detailed and interesting outline of a horse. You might think that such a design concept would make the pendant weak and delicate but, this is not the case.  An excellent silver weight provides a solid 3mm to 4mm thickness to this men’s silver horse pendant. Your pendant will retain shape for many decades and not bend or dent easily.

Though referred to as a men’s pendant, the same design is very suitable for a lady’s pendant too. You could probably do a slight reduction in dimensions and create an amazing lady’s horse pendant. There is no reason why this horse pendant concept cannot be ordered in gold, it is just that gold is quite expensive and a good quality durable gold horse pendant would carry a substantial price tag.

Read all about the MPN07 horse pendant and understand the true difference between, a good quality custom men’s pendant and a mass produced light weight piece of junk peddled by many vendors.

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