Opal Rings, Looking After An Opal Gemstone Ring



You might have heard that some caution is required when wearing or handling an opal gemstone ring. Knowledgeable jewelry lovers do not give much importance to this because, they realize that every gem and jewel has a set of physically properties that need to be addressed. To take an example, diamond which happens to be the hardest stone to be used in jewelry, will also crack if struck with physical impact. Emeralds which can cost as much as diamonds, should not be soaked in water for more than a minute. Basically you need to realize that, understand the features of a gemstone will allow you to keep your ring in shape for a very long time.

Before we talk about how to care for an opal ring, we need to understand a few simple facts about opals. We will try to keep this information as simple and non-technical as possible. Look at the RG211 ring shown on this web page, you will notice the amazing color seen in the stone. Gemologists refer to this effect as opalescence, it is a unique optical property brought about by the internal construction of an opal. The gemstone is made up of densely packed microscopic spheres. The interesting thing about these spheres is that, they contain a small amount of moisture. Light that strikes the opal enters the stone and gets refracted due to the moisture. This is what creates those colorful patterns, the effect is referred to as ‘color play’. The beauty and value of an opal gem is influenced by the degree of color play seen in the gem. The destruction or evaporation of the moisture inside the opal would severely lower the beauty of the gem. Much of the care that an opal  ring requires is related to the color play effect and the moisture within the gemstone.

To begin with, we would advise that ALL jewelry and gems be kept away from sources of strong heat. Similarly you really should not let any gem or jewel be struck with physical impact. We just explained above that even the hardest natural stone (diamond), will crack if struck with physical force. You will need to be a technical expert to know which gemstone can be affected by strong chemicals, acids or detergents. So the ideal thing to do is to always take off your jewelry if, you happen to be in an environment that brings you close to these type of materials.

If you have understood the above paragraph, you already know how to look after your opal gemstone ring. Heat and chemicals can destroy the moisture within the stone, once this happens the gem would look quite dull as you would end up with little or no color play effect. A good opal ring like the RG211 from Kaisilver, will never be cheap and that is one more reason why you should be a bit kind to your ring.

Kaisilver: Every jewel that we craft is fully custom made. You can pick one of our designs or send us images of your own. Sterling silver and gold jewelry are made with the same superior quality standards. Review our Custom Rings Section and get to know more about the quality and range that we provide. You can always email the support team at sales@kaisilver.com and get advice or information on any issue related to gems and jewelry.

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Size 15 Ring, Why Is Custom Made Your Best Option

Big ring size requirements are not uncommon among men but, a size 15 ring is not a frequent request. Many buyers are under the impression that, the ring size is just a specification but, reality is a bit different. Men’s size 15 rings are what we will talk about in this brief report. There are some specific features that need to be addressed and taken care of when, talking about a size 14 or size 15 ring.

The most essential feature for men’s rings is durability, you cannot expect men to fuss over the jewelry that they wear. Jewelers have become accustomed to squeezing on metal weight when it comes to designing and crafting jewelry. This is done to please buyers with ‘friendly’ or ‘attractive’ price tags. Unfortunately insufficient metal weight is one of the biggest reasons for lowered durability of a jewel. Taking the MAN64R as an example, the ring is made with a gold or silver weight of around 25 grams. This is a custom made ring from Kaisilver, the leading online custom jewelry provider. Now, if you ordered this same ring with any gem of your choice in a size 15, we would increase that metal weight to around 30 grams. And if you specifically request for a ring with no metal scooping done inside, the metal weight requirement could easily shift to around 35 grams. Technically speaking we would say that, the metal weight assigned to a big ring, would depend on the size and dimensions of the jewel. If you read and understand this paragraph, you would agree that, a custom made size 15 ring is a great choice to make.

Now a few notes about the design selection for men’s large ring with size 15. If you had to choose a simple design with a 9x7mm oval gem, the gem might appear quite small for such a big ring. If you thought that increasing the gem size would be a nice solution, keep in mind that the actual gemstone selected would play a role here. For example, a large  10x8mm oval blue sapphire gem would be quite expensive. On the other hand a big size 15 ring, with a tourmaline, topaz or aquamarine gem would be quite modestly priced. But if you decide to get a big 12x10mm oval gem for your size 15 ring, you might have to leave sapphire, ruby, emerald and tanzanite out of your options. These gems get to be very expensive when the size moves above 9x7mm. Besides getting a big ring with a gem of your choice, you would also expect the ring to look good and impressive.

If you look at the MAN64R ring, notice that the overall dimensions of the ring and the ring head height in particular, are large and imposing. This does not mean that, the ring is set with a big chunky ruby, the gem is a 9x7mm round ruby or any gem of your side. This should give you an idea of how important the design selection is when it comes to a size 15 ring.

It is fair to presume that men with large ring size requirements, would prefer to have a large gem in their ring. But the price logistics of most gemstones dictates that, the price per carat of a gem moves up rapidly as the stone size increases. Considering that a large gem size is one of your basic expectations, it helps to know about general price brackets for a few popular gemstones. We provide those details right here:

Expensive Gems: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Tanzanite, Tsavorite, Demantoid, Better Quality Spinel.

Medium Price Gems: Green Tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline, Rubelite, Aquamarine, Opal, Medium Grade Jade (jadeite), Iolite, Morganite, Spessartite

More Affordable Prices: Blue Topaz, Citrine, Red Garnet, Amethyst, Blue Lapis, Black Onyx.

This fairly detailed report on rings with size 15, might appear to be too complex for some of you. In all fairness, many of the issues raised here should be taken care of by your jeweler. Unfortunately this rarely happens and jewelers are only too keen to push a buyer to make a purchase decision based on insufficient information. At Kaisilver we consider it to be our responsibility to educate and inform buyers. This allows them to take a well judged decision, impulse purchases are rarely successful.

Kaisilver: Bringing over 3 decades of gemstones and jewelry expertise to  the online world, Kaisilver is the preferred source for more than 12,000 jewelry lovers across 17 nations. We encourage you to review the Ring Size 15 Report, for more useful information on this topic. We craft all types of jewelry in gold and 925 silver, the same superior quality standards are maintained for both metals. Contact our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com if you have any queries or requirements related to gems and jewelry. We will be glad to share our knowledge and expertise with you even if, you plan to buy nothing from us.



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Amethyst Gemstones, Beauty At An Affordable Price Point

Amethyst is a gorgeous gemstone but, the demand for this beautiful purple gem is driven by much more than beauty and sparkle. Centuries ago there was just one place on earth that delivered high quality amethyst gems, this was the Ural mountain region of Russia. The gemstone soon became the favorite of royals and the value of the gem was beyond the means of the common man.

It was the Brazilian amethyst find that brought some relief to the price line of the gemstone.  The stunning purple gem became more affordable, large sizes became available and talented jewelry designers were inspired. Nature has not bestowed us with many purple gems, the color adds a sophisticated look to even the simplest outfit and facial makeup style.

The moderate price of amethyst combined with the fact that, larger sizes are not very extravagantly priced, makes the gem suited for almost every type of jewel. An amethyst bracelet, with carefully selected gems would look tremendous. Amethyst rings can be made with fancy cut amethyst gemstones, both contemporary and classic designs are possible.

And can men wear a purple gem, the answer is surely ‘YES’ if you happen to be referring to amethyst. Men’s rings are generally crafted with deep purple amethyst stones, men have always been found of dark colored gemstones. Another well known fact about men’s jewelry is that, men prefer large dimensions and bigger gemstones. Amethyst for all its beauty and ancient traditions, is priced reasonably.

Kaisilver amethyst jewelry can be crafted with our designs or yours. The good thing is that, the same superior quality standards are maintained for gold and silver jewelry. You could pick any gemstone jewel from our websites and request for it to be crafted in gold or sterling silver with amethyst. We invite you to review the Kaisilver Amethyst Jewelry Collection, this will help you get a clearer idea of what you should be looking for.

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Are Pendants Easier To Wear And Maintain


Most of us think about a ring when we refer to jewelry, however the world of jewelry is wide and extends well beyond rings. Pendants are a great way to add a touch of class to your style statement. A pendant can be worn hugging your neck line or extend lower, the size of the chain would decide where exactly it displays. In this report we discuss whether pendants are easier to maintain and more comfortable to wear as compared to rings and some other jewels.  We take a closer look on this topic, so keep reading.

We wear a pendant around our neck, this is a place where little wear and tear happens. Compare this to a ring, the jewel could bank against a desk or get hit by a hard object.  A ring can be exposed to various chemicals and detergents that come into contact with our hands. Looking after your pendant is undoubtedly easier. The situations when it becomes very necessary to take off your pendant are few. On the other hand, a bracelet or ring might have to be taken off as you work or, as you perform various domestic chores. Each time you take off a jewel, there is a chance of it getting lost or misplaced. With advancing age comes the problem of swollen fingers and even forgetfulness. These are factors that you need to take into consideration when buying a jewel for yourself or as a gift.

So is it safe to wear a gold or 925 silver pendant all through the day and night, never taking it off. This is surely not a simple question to answer but here is some useful advice. It is a good idea to take off your pendant when you go to bed or, go for a wash. Some gems like emeralds and even turquoise, should generally be kept away from being soaked. Wearing a pendant when  you go to bed, might cause some discomfort. Having said that, we are aware that many women have worn their pendant to bed for years! If you plan to go to the gym for a workout, take a moment to consider whether the pendant would be convent to wear. You really do not want to take it off at the gym and misplace it or get it stolen. Pendants that are worn night and day and even might require frequent cleaning. Dust, grime and soap reside tends to collect under the stone, this can cause the stone to have subdued luster and sparkle.

Here is something not related to looks and style but, relevant to pendant wearing. If you happen to have a baby at home and tend to carry the darling around, make sure that your pendant does not scratch or hurt the baby. Another worry is about fine and slim chains, they can slap easily and kids can be quite inquisitive.

As you look around for a pendant, we would suggest that you go for a custom pendant. Few of us shop for jewelry often and so, it is a great feeling to pick a pendant that includes all your preferences. This is something that can be easily managed if you choose a made to order pendant.  The Kaisilver Custom Pendant Report, will tell you more about this option. The information would help you ensure that the custom pendant you get, is what you imagined it to be.

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Big Men’s Ring With Large Aquamarine Gemstone

Click For Pricing And Options For The MAN06 Ring

Men prefer to wear rings with a large format, these big rings can pose a challenge when the requirement is for big gemstones. Most of you would be aware that the per carat price of a gem increases sharply as the gemstone size moves up. The MAN06 custom aquamarine men’s ring from Kaisilver, has some awesome features. This is a big ring, the gemstone is an oval aquamarine, the oval gemstone has a size of 12x10mm.

When choosing a large men’s ring, keep in mind that durability can often pose a challenge. Most jewelers craft big jewels with insufficient metal weight, the effects of this can be felt in the long term. The MAN06 men’s aquamarine ring is crafted with a minimum metal weight of 20-25 grams. This ensures that the ring has sufficient metal thickness, the possibility of this ring being deformed and dented by normal usage is highly unlikely.

You can choose a 12x10mm oval aquamarine gemstone for your men’s gold or sterling silver ring.  This is a large gem by any standards, the stone forms the focal point of interest and it imparts a stylish and confident look to the ring. Aquamarine is a variety of beryl, it is durable and sturdy and happens to be the birthstone for the month of March.

When choosing the metal color for your men’s aquamarine gemstone ring, make sure that you understand the color contrast that the metal can deliver.  Aquamarine is a relatively light colored gem, the term ‘pastel blue’ better describes the color of the gemstone.  A white gold aquamarine ring, allows the gemstone to perfectly flaunt its color extremely well. Metals like white gold and sterling silver, cast no color tone on the gemstones set in them. On the other hand if you had to pick yellow or pink gold, the metal would cast a hue on the stone.

The ring is designed and crafted to be suitable for just about any occasion. You could wear your MAN06 aquamarine men’s ring everyday to work, it would look equally good when worn for a formal occasion. Kaisilver crafts a significant number of men’s aquamarine wedding rings each year, ancient traditions might be playing a role here. Crystal healers often recommend wearing an aquamarine ring to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings at home. The demand for aquamarine for wedding rings is probably drive by this belief.

Kasilver can custom make a men’s aquamarine ring with your own design. Just email us a sketch or image at sales@kaisilver.com and we will get back to you with a price quote. You could review our Men’s Ring Collection and request for, any of the rings to be made with an aquamarine gemstone. Each ring is fully custom made, design modifications can be done to personalize a ring for you.

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