Gemstone Bracelet, Ruby, Sapphire And Emerald From Kaisilver

The BRC100 Kaisilver bracelet is set with three of the most valuable, sought after, rare and expensive precious gemstones. Referred to as the ‘Big 3’ ruby, sapphire and emerald are rarely seen in the same jewel. This is a fine custom bracelet crafted to look good and serve you well for many years. Wear this gold or silver gemstone bracelet and you will be making one of the most sophisticated style statements.Numerous celebrities have worn these gems to mark an important occasion like a wedding on engagement, the three are seen often on red carpet events. If you learn about the history and tradition of ruby, sapphire and emerald you will agree that,  these precious gems are celebrities in their own right.

The bracelet has a gorgeous flower motif, you could say that  the jewel is more like a bouquet consisting of some of the most expensive gemstone flowers. The bracelet is custom made in gold and 925 silver, quality standards remain the same for both metal options. The gold gemstone bracelet can be ordered in 14k or 18k gold and you can select, yellow, white or pink for the gold color. Plating options are available for the silver bracelet but, you should know that any plating on silver will come off after a while.

Gemstones remain the focus of this gorgeous bracelet and we place no restriction on your choice of gemstones. The image shows the BRC100 with three different gems, you could request for a single gemstone to be set all through the bracelet. You can also choose any gemstone not shown in the image. If your budget permits, you could order the same design concept as a diamond bracelet. It is also possible to alternate the flowers with rubies and diamonds to moderate the price. And if all you desire is a touch of fire and glitter, consider replacing the center gem in each flower with a diamond.

We really need not boast about how beautiful this ruby, sapphire and emerald bracelet it – the consistently high number of orders we receive each month speaks for itself. What we will like to tell you is about how the bracelet was provided with features to enhance durability. Most jewelers would provide no more than 7 to 10 grams of gold or 925 silver for such a bracelet.  At Kaisilver we take durability seriously, your custom bracelet will weigh no less than 15 to 20 grams. This ensures that the piece will not break or snap easily, firm gem mounting is also possible because of the optimized metal weight.

Read the complete BRC100 Bracelet Report and learn more about the piece and the awesome gemstones set in it. You will also get details about pricing and other specifications. The team of experts at is always ready to answer any questions that you might have.

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Custom Bracelet, The Best Option For A Quality Bracelet

So you want to get yourself a nice bracelet but, before you confirm a purchase it is a good idea to get some basic information right. Ready made bracelets are designed and crafted with an eye on the mass market. When you talk about making many sales for a single product, you know that an attractive price is a must. Unfortunately the urge to control the price point will result in a compromise on a number of quality features.

A custom bracelet will always be a good investment provided that, you select the right jewelry provider. A made to order bracelet will let you pick the design of your choice but, a competent jeweler will give you much more than that. Since the jewel will be made just for you, it is possible to include features that will enhance the beauty and durability of the piece.

Kaisilver custom makes bracelet in  gold or 925 silver, the design can be picked from the website or provided by you. The research team then decides what the optimum gold or 925 silver weight of the piece should be. This is necessary as a light weight bracelet can snap or break easily. Custom made gemstone bracelets should also have enough metal weight to ensure a secure mount for the gems or diamonds. Since Kaisilver gold and silver bracelets maintain uniform quality standards, you are always assured of a high end piece.

Gem selection for a custom made bracelet should be entirely up to you. You can pick a single gem type for the entire bracelets or mix different gems in the same bracelet. If you have an artistic mind and conceptualize a combination of different gem shapes and sizes, let us know your requirements. We can custom cut any gem from anywhere on the globe to the size and shape required for the design.

It might seem that you pay more for a custom bracelet as compared to a ready made piece, but that is really a short term happening. Ready made bracelets are well known for their flimsy construction, low metal weight and substandard gem mountings. You will end up paying a lot for repairs and replacements. On the other hand a custom bracelet will be sturdy, well crafted and long lasting. The choice of 10k, 14k and 18k gold will allow you to work around your budget. Sterling silver bracelets are highly recommended as they can be made with substantial metal weight and yet, be modestly priced.

We invite you to review the Kaisilver Custom Bracelet Collection and learn more about the quality that we offer. Remember that you are not restricted by the design, gemstones or metals shown on the website. We will gladly custom make a unique one-of-a-kind jewel for you based on your own design concept.

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Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring, Quality And Affordability

While we keep boastinabout the celebrity status of blue sapphire, the fact is that the gem has gradually moved beyond most budgets. Sapphire is a rare gem that is a favorite for wedding and engagement rings. Talk to any jewelry house about a sapphire diamond engagement ring and they would, expect you to spend at least 5,000 U.S$ or more for that jewel. And if you do manage to get a lower priced ring, you will be expected to accept a bag full of compromises. Kaisilver introduces you to a fine sapphire diamond ring, a jewel that is priced very modestly but perfect even for formal wear as an engagement ring.

The RG800 adorns a gorgeous natural, certified 6mm cushion blue sapphire gemstone. The gemstone dimensions were selected for a very special reason.  When flanked with a 2.5mm – 3mm diamond on either side, the gemstone gets an added dose of luxury. And the diamonds end up being very near to half the gemstone size. Wear this diamond sapphire ring and you will experience luxury at a surprisingly reasonable price.

The ring is sturdy and tough without being bulky or clumsy. The ring is crafted in solid gold or 925 silver, there is no effort to save metal and no scooping inside the band. Four sturdy prongs hold the sapphire gemstone in place. A perfect jewel to own and pass on as an heirloom family jewel. The jewel will take very little on your part to keep its condition and form for many decades.

It had been presumed for many centuries that, all sapphires are blue. Interestingly many blue gems that were not actually sapphires, were referred to as sapphire too. Kaisilver custom makes every single diamond sapphire ring, you can therefore request for design modifications to suit your liking. It is possible to order a gold or silver sapphire diamond ring with a blue, white, pink, yellow, orange or green sapphire gemstone. The same design concept can be retained for a larger gem or a gemstone with a different shape.

When picking a sapphire diamond gold ring, open up to the gold colors available to you. Kaisilver allows you to pick 14k or 18k gold in white, yellow or pink gold. Most of us are familiar with yellow or white gold sapphire gemstone rings but, pink gold is surely worth a try. If you happen to be buying a sapphire diamond ring to mark an engagement or wedding, you might have to consider the entire attire for the big day, before picking the gold color.

The surge in the demand for silver engagement rings has been nothing short of impressive. Kaisilver remains the preferred source for both gold and silver engagement rings. Few jewelers if any, can match our quality standards for both metals. Your sterling silver diamond and sapphire ring, will have the same quality standards as its gold counterpart. No compromise in workmanship or gemstone quality is made for the silver ring.

We have more details about this sapphire ring in the RG800 Kaisilver Sapphire Ring Report, take some time to review the information. The support team at will be glad to answer any queries or requirements that you might have. We can also craft your sapphire ring based on a design concept provided by you.

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Green Gemstone Rings For Men, More Than Just Emerald

Emerald is an awesome gemstone, it is rare and widely accepted to be a status symbol. Having said that, it is not necessary for men to limit themselves to emerald when picking a green gemstone ring. Nature has provided us with some awesome green gemstones, here is a short note on this topic. In an ideal situation, men would love to wear a gemstone ring with a large gem that can withstand their hectic lifestyle. Price will definitely influence the purchase, so choosing from a range of price points might be helpful.

Emerald is a gemstone that has been known for a few centuries, it is rare and expensive. An interesting thing about emeralds is that, the gem does need a sizable amount of care when being worn of cleaned. Purchasing a men’s emerald ring is generally a high budget affair. With men being a bit neglectful when taking care of their jewels, wearing the gemstone can often be a challenge. Having said that, there are a fairly large number of men, who adore wearing a gold or silver ring with this green gemstone.

Unlike emerald which is predominantly green gem, the tourmaline family offers a variety of colors. Green tourmaline has shown an upward price movement in the past 5 to 6 years, it has sadly moved out of many budgets. Having said that, this amazing green gemstone still offers good value at the prices it commands. The MAN136 Men’s Green Tourmaline Ring, is a hefty jewel that boasts of a large 11x9mm oval tourmaline gemstone. With preferential access to over 200 million carats of gems, Kaisilver can procure and custom cut green tourmaline in all sizes and shapes. We can custom make a men’s tourmaline ring for you even with gem sizes in the 8 to 12 carat range.

Men seem to love opaque gems, the smooth cabochon cut stones show a nice luster and glow. No gemstone fulfills this desire better than green jade, a tough and long lasting gemstone. Jewelry buyers who are aware of jade know that, jadeite from Burma is the most sought after stone. High grade green jadeite from Myanmar (Burma) can command a price that is close to what diamonds do. Very little of the jadeite in the more affordable price ranges, actually reaches the market in untreated form. Jadeite mining operators, send such stones to be dyed and acquire a pretty color. To procure untreated jadeite in the moderate price range, Kaisilver maintains a gem procurement team in the close vicinity of the mines. This allows us to pick up the rough material before it is treated, the stone is then custom cut under our close supervision. We can custom make a Men’s Green Jade Ring for you in gold or 925 silver, you can even request for your own designs to be custom made.

Another awesome gemstone choice for a men’s green stone ring is peridot. Thousands of years ago, this sparkling green gemstone was mined on an Egyptian island. The royals and aristocrats showered a high degree of importance and respect to the stone. The entire peridot output from that island was received for them, common people who tried to steal these stones were punished and often sentenced to death. Though historic records are not readily available, it is quite likely that the gem was confused with emerald in those days. This is not surprising considering the fact that, gems were identified almost solely by color in those days. Men’s peridot rings are quite affordable, gemstone sizes in the 3 to 4 carat range are not too extravagantly priced. Much of the peridot used in jewelry today is mined in Arizona (U.S) and China. If you prefer to wear men’s peridot gemstone ring with the green gem originating in Burma or Pakistan, expect to pay a premium price.

A major portion of men’s green gemstone rings would be worn with one of the above 3 gems but, nature has been truly generous. Other green gems like malachite, green agate, tsavorite and demantoid can also be considered. Kaisilver custom makes every single jewel, we place no restriction on design or gemstone. Refer to the Kaisilver Report On Men’s Green Stone Rings and get a clearer understanding.

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Men’s Gemstone Rings, Color Takes A Leap Forward

Men are well into jewelry, the days when they cared little for their bling accessories are officially over. Gemstone rings for men today host a wide range of gemstones, color is the key. Look around for a men’s silver or gold ring and you will see the gorgeous array of white, green, blue, red, purple and even orange gemstones.

As a man develops his jewelry collection, he ends up loving the world of gemstones. A constant attempt is made to add new and unique gemstones to the collection. Spessartite a rare variety of garnet is high on the preferred list for men’s rings. This orange to reddish orange garnet, is exotic and looks awesome in all metal colors. The price tag on spessartite much higher on that for red garnet but, discerning men do not seem to be put off by that. Sourcing directly from the gem miners, Kaisilver is today one of the top sources for this rare garnet. We can procure and custom cut spessartite in sizes that extend up to 40 carats.

Green is another color that is being seen often in men’s rings and not all men, go for emerald. While it is true that emerald remains the most popular green gem, men are taking a different view. Men’s green tourmaline rings and men’s rings with peridot and green jade are also favorites. Green tourmaline is awesome, surely not cheap but still reasonably priced for all its beauty and toughness. Stylists refer to the green color of tourmaline as ‘confident green’, a color that appeals to both men and women.

Men’s blue gemstone rings can go well beyond blue sapphire. Since Kaisilver can custom make your men’s ring with the gem and design preferred by you, the world of blue gems has far more width and depth. Three shades of blue topaz, the light blue color of aquamarine and blue sapphire are some interesting options. We encourage you to review the Kaisilver Men’s Ring Suggestions and get to know what to look for.

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