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Mens Rings: High end men's rings with gem stones of your choice. Available in gold or sterling silver, your designs or ours. Good looks, good craftsmanship and good durability. ...more

Bracelets: To suit your style and budget. Gold and sterling silver bracelets with gemstones, also plain bracelets. We can work with your bracelet designs or choose from our bracelet collection. ...more

Fashion Jewelry: Jewelry for the young, trendy and fashionable yet very affordable. Get some for your self or gift them to someone you love. Fashion pendants, fashion bangles, fashion bracelets and more. ...more

Aquamarine Rings: A classic aquamarine gem stone diamond engagement ring, custom made to perfection. Also other aquamarine gold and silver rings for ladies and men. ...more

Big Gemstones: All about large gems, suggestions on choosing the right big gem stone for your jewelry. Understand the pricing of big gems and how large gem sizes depend on the type of gem being discussed. ...more

Large Heart Pendants: Issues related to large heart shape pendants. Should you choose a plain or gem stone heart pendant, factors that will influence the dimensions of heart pendants. Complete report by Kaisilver experts ... more.

Mens Wedding and Engagement Ring: There is a growing trend towards wearing a single mens ring for the engagement and wedding ring. While the choice to wear the same men's ring for the wedding and engagement does not always imply economic reasons, we tell you how to get the most from the ring that you choose ... more.

Onyx Jewellery: Black onyx gem stone jewellery is worn by ladies and men. While men love black onyx rings and other jewellery for it's simple and yet confident appeal, ladies choose onyx gems with fancy shapes and cuts for their onyx jewellery in gold or 925 sterling silver. We get you more information at ... more.

Mens Amethyst Rings: Not many would expect a purple gemstone to attract the attention of men but, the popularity of amethyst mens rings has been consistent and impressive. With a wide range of mens gold and 925 silver amethyst rings available across the globe, which amethyst ring should you choose. Our report is not a sales pitch, it informs and equips you to make the right choice ... more.

Feng Shui Gems: Choosing gemstones or jewelry for the purpose of feng shui practice, needs to be carefully considered. While general conventions evaluate gems based on their color, clarity, transparency and cut - using these standards to pick feng shui gemstones can out many options beyond your budget. When choosing gems for reasons of customs and traditional beliefs, give emphasis to the gems being natural and not factory made. You might talk to your gem provider regarding, natural gems that are not treated to enhance their appearance ... more.


Cat Ring: For cat lovers, birth stone cat rings with gem stones of your choice. Choose from gold or 925 sterling silver cat rings. Cute design, good craftsmanship suitable for all ages. ...more

Claddagh Rings: Regarded as the world's most meaningful jewel, the claddagh ring has a 375 year history. Gold and sterling silver claddagh rings have the same meaning, the gemstone adds meaning and beauty. ...more

Cufflinks: High end custom cufflinks in gold or sterling silver. Available with your initials, logo or birth stone. Corporate cuff links help spread your corporate image, ideal for new or old customers. ...more

Silver Heart Ring: A heart ring signifies love and care. By selecting the right heart ring design you can enhance the meaning of your sterling silver heart ring. We show you a gorgeous heart shaped birth stone ring. ...more

Pink Opal Gems: Many people are not aware that natural pink opal gems exist. Kaisilver procures pink opal stones from the mines in Peru. While other gem manufacturers treat pink opal to enhance color, our pink opal gems have a natural color and are not treated ...more

Tanzanite Heart Ring: Most of tanzanite gems are cut in a round or oval shape. A heart shaped tanzanite is quite rare and unique. Here is a special heart tanzanite ring that is one of history's most meaningful jewels ... more.

Yin Yang Rings: What does the yin yang ring mean. Is the meaning and significance of the yin yang ring suitable for men and ladies. Kaisilver discusses the meaning of the yin yang and makes some awesome suggestions for yin yang rings. Get to know more about this very meaningful symbol and jewel ... more.

Tanzanite Ring: Unlike most tanzanite rings, this tanzanite diamond ring shows off a gorgeous marquise tanzanite gem. A well researched design supported by some of the finest jewelry craftsmen and artisans, produces one of the finest tanzanite gemstone rings that you will come across ... more.

August Birthstone: Peridot is the birhtstone for the month of August. Both gold and sterling silver peridot rings are worn by men and ladies. This gorgeous green gem has some unique features - one major point of interest in peridot is that the stone remains untreated and natural. We tell you more about peridot birthstone rings and also make some absolutely stunning recommendations ... more.

Mothers Pendants: The options for mothers day gifts in the jewelry segment has never been so high. Mothers pendants make great gifts, for more reasons than one. Pendants are a lot easier to maintain as wear and tear is less as compared to rings or bracelets. The problem of ring sizing and size changing is also nothing to worry about when it comes to pendants. The need to take off rings when doing some household chores is often the reason for them getting misplaced or even stolen. We tell you how to enhance the beauty and meaning of a mother's gift by choosing a custom pendant for your mother ... more.


Emerald Gem Stone Rings: Understanding the emerald gem stone will give you better and longer satisfaction from your emerald ring. Simple emerald rings, and extravagant emerald diamond rings in white gold or yellow gold. ...more

Teenage Jewelry: Great affordable teen jewelry, teen stone pendants, teen steel rings, and more. Great prices for all teenage jewelry also includes silver stone pendants with silver chains or black cords. Feel the excitement of wearing a piece of nature. ...more

Custom Jewelry: For that special jewelry, custom jewelry in gold or sterling silver. Your design, your preferences, your choice of metal. Flexibility and customization to get the jewelry that you want. ...more

Blue Gem Rings: Depending on your budget and requirements for a specific gem, men's blue gem stone rings can be had with a variety of gems. It is important to understand the physical properties of various blue gem stones before making a decision. ...more

Bracelets: All about amethyst bracelets, the information is applicable to all gem stone bracelets in general. Kaisilver bracelets provide full customization for all features of your bracelet. Learn how to choose the right gold or 925 silver bracelet. ...more

Colored Diamonds: Issues related to color diamonds. How the difference between naturally colored diamonds and enhanced treated color diamond affect the pricing of color diamonds. Kaisilver reports on lack of information for color diamond jewelry buyers ... more.

Cufflinks Utility And Style: The popularity of mens cufflinks varies from nation to nation, the trends in half sleeves or full sleeves shirts will also influence the demand for gold or 925 silver cuff links. This Kai Silver report on cuff links is packed with useful information. A must read for those of you who are considering getting a pair of cufflinks for yourself or for as a gift for someone special ... more.

Green Gems For Men: The options for green gemstones are many but, when it comes to choosing  a green gemstone for a man, factors like toughness, price need to be given a thorough consideration. Our report puts you on the right track and shows you how to evaluate options for a green gem ... more.

Ruby Engagement Ring: Should you end up paying more for your ruby ring just, to get a ruby from Burma. How important is gem origin, what are the other gemstone related factors that you should assess before finalizing the purchase of your ruby gemstone engagement ring. This Kaisilver report advises that, you save your dollars and refuse to pay more just for getting a ruby from a specific origin ... more.




Jewelry Info: Get the latest info on jewelry and gem stones. Jewelry designs, hot gem stones and what makes your jewelry durable. Lots of stuff that your jeweler would never tell you about. ...more

Gem Stone Jewelry: A good resource, all about gem stone jewelry. Stay updated and educated, that is the only way to choose the right jeweler and the right jewelry. Useful information and suggestions. ...more

Emeralds: A blog fully dedicated to information regarding the emerald gem stone. Some gorgeous suggestions for emerald rings, emerald diamond rings and the famous claddagh emerald ring. ...more

Claddagh: A wedding ring is a special jewel and a claddagh wedding ring adds meaning to a wedding ring. A complete report on the claddagh ring and why it is very suitable for being a wedding ring. A terrific collection of claddagh rings for ladies and men. ...more

Three Diamond Rings: The interpretation for the meaning of three stone diamond rings can be many. This Kaisilver report explains the meaning of such diamond rings and also provides suggestions and tips for choosing the right 3 stone diamond ring. Custom diamond rings are available in gold or silver and in all ring sizes ...more.

Tanzanite Wedding Ring: The beauty and rarity of Tanzanite makes it perfectly suited for a tanzanite wedding or engagement ring. The meaning of the claddagh ring, adds to the significance of a tanzanite gem stone wedding ring ... more.

Sapphire Rings: All about sapphire gem stone rings. Gold or 925 silver sapphire rings can be custom made in a range of sapphire gem colors. Though blue sapphire gemstone rings are the most common, you could order a yellow, green, pink, yellow or even white sapphire ring ... more.

Mens Lapis Rings: A better understanding of blue lapis lazuli gems will help you make the right selection for your gold or 925 silver blue lapis ring for men. Do you really want the lapis to be dyed blue? We have a comprehensive report for you ... more.

Tanzanite Rings For Men: An exotic gemstone trend is emerging in mens rings. We talk about tanzanite gold or 925 silver rings for men. A gemstone that is found in just one region on this planet. Get to know the gemstone that is rarer than a diamond. Our report provides much lacking information related to tanzanite gemstone rings for men ... more.


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